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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Living Out of My Suitcase

As a student one thing I do a lot is travelling, whether it's going home for the weekend (which is an ordeal in itself of trains, walking, buses, suitcases, rain snow etc.) or going up to my boyfriend's uni halls for a couple of days. It has made me a lot better at packing and knowing what I need.

My first bit of advice is have as much as you can in different places, I have a tooth brush in each place as their so easy to forget, basic hair accessories everywhere (though grip clips aren't usually intentionally left, they just appear everywhere!) borrow other people's hairdryers and straighteners and that massively cuts down on weight and size of bags.

If it's an overnight stay i usually use this bag:

I bought this from Tesco over summer, they don't have it in stock anymore but do have similar sized ones which are quite nice like this one. £13 for a weekend bag is a bargain I definitely recommend if you take a lot of overnight trips.

Make up is something that I don't like to leave everywhere  because if I bought three lots it would cost me a fortune! 

My rule is if it doesn't fit in this make up case it doesn't go, if an opportunity arises that  I need going out make up I always have Rimmel black pencil eyeliner and any black eye shadow, you can easily give yourself a going out look with those staples.

For the packing of clothes I always plan in outfits, lay them all out on the bed before putting them in, but try and chose clothes cleverly, if you plan on taking jeans or jumpers they weigh more, and if you wear them you end up at the other end not able to fit them back in! And as your mother always said always take extra underwear and socks just in case you get stuck somewhere or fall in a muddy puddle!

And of course don't forget all chargers, unless you have a phone like this Samsung I have which lasts me between 5-7 days when being used a lot! Hairbrushes can be left in places - unless you have a favourite that you just can't do without! And hair products boys and girls are probably a good one to buy and leave in different places so you don't accidentally leave them! Try and create two outfits that can use the same pair of shoes to save you extra weight.

Right now I'm supposed to be packing for tomorrow night but here I am writing about packing instead, pointless procrastination at best! I get my replacement iPhone back tomorrow so I'll be back to the land of the living and be contactable through all online media- maybe that's not such a good thing!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. love the overnight bag! great post xx

    1. Thanks! Tesco has this little gold mine of pretty bags! xx