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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rachel Without the Chocolate Factory

I had so many plans for my day off but Sheffield has delivered a horrible, rainy, windy day. So the only solution is a onsie day snuggled up lazy with some choco.... oh wait!

After my Christmas binge I felt I should make some kind of effort to eat better, so I decided on a no chocolate February. (the shortest month and by now all Christmas chocolate should be eaten up) So I roped my housemates into it as well so there was no temptation in the house! At the moment I'm doing okay, other than the hot chocolate in the cupboard, and creme eggs in EVERY shop, oh and of course every advert relating to chocolate! But then I remember I'm only on day 5 and there's 23 days to go, not that I'm counting down at all.

But if I receive emails about free chocolate competitions like I did yesterday, yes FREE chocolate, I'll never make it until the end. As a student free is the only kind of price label that I like! If my skin is not as smooth as a babies bum and I don't look like a Victoria's secret model by February the 28th then I'm just going to eat chocolate every day after that. Well maybe I'm aiming a little high!

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