February 2016 - Rachel Ellen

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Book Reviews

Here's a new one for me, a book review (well three - kind of). Normally when I read book reviews on blogs they're all super positive but unfortunately I'm going to do things a little differently! (no surprises there then!) I had some clever idea to make the title of this post a combination of the three books I was going to review, "Us Bone Clocks on the Train", it was a lot less clever than I originally thought so now you get a boring title.

The Girl On The Train - Paul Hawkins

 I bet every book lover has read this or at least heard of this by now, I'd wanted to read this for a while since finishing Gone Girl as I'd heard so many people mention it in line with that book. And as it is being made into a film I thought I would actually read the book before watching the film (because that's what we all want really!)

I've never been a fan of reviews being big plot descriptions - they end up giving too much away. But here's a brief idea. The main character is Rachel (I didn't even know before I read the book!) and she gets on a train every day (I even impress myself with my descriptive skills) She's filled with heartbreak, an ex-husband, a drinking problem and various other issues that develop through the book. She's a very relatable character, which makes for a good narrative voice. The book is well written, believable relatable characters (mostly, some seem a little far-fetched but hey it's a novel we like a bit of that!), and doesn't give away too much or too little. There is a murder in the book and honestly, even though I like to see myself as quite savvy, I really didn't guess it until quite late on! I read the book in like 2 days, I was hooked so quickly!

Definitely recommend, and it's not massively long!
4/5 (a four because it's not writing genius but god it was good!)

 Us - David Nicholls

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Audacious Audrey

Last week I had a bit of a naughty spend but god was it worth it! This is a post totally dedicated to an expensive lipstick, so I'm completely not offended if you non-lipstick-lovers headed off now!

I'm sure we've all heard of NARS by now (if not, it's a make-up brand sold in Selfridges - and maybe other places I don't know! - with similar prices to MAC - if you haven't heard of MAC start googling)

There was a colour I have been after for ages now, I still haven't matched it completely but for now it's the closest I could find and it's so pretty.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Is there any point in Valentines Day?

Valentines day is coming around once again, but is it really that big of a deal? Is it really about showing someone you love them or is it a ploy by the media and big business to make money?

The two of course can be intertwined you can show someone you love them whilst also being sucked into the machine. This year I've asked my boyfriend if we can not bother with it - he's nervous of course trying to figure out if I really mean it (I do mean it!!) this is a link to a blog post of the first valentines day we had together. I think I felt like I should enjoy it because I had a boyfriend and I shouldn't moan any longer. Only two years later and I've realised how forced the whole thing is and to most people it seems like a competition of who can post the best thing on Facebook/Instagram! And it wasn't just my single cynicism making me think that.