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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How to respond to an apology

One of the most important things I learned in the past 5 years is how to respond to an apology, something you may not have even thought about before.

I had always found it uncomfortable to say "it's ok" when someone apologises, because actually, if they're apologising, usually it is not ok. "It's ok" is now safely reserved for those moments when someone didn't actually need to apologise.

I learned that I'm much more comfortable responding to an apology by saying "thank you." 

Thanking someone for apologising, means that you don't have to say it was ok, it's saying "thank you for acknowledging what you said upset/hurt/inconvenienced me, and trying to make it better." 

It doesn't say you've forgiven them, or that you've accepted what they did but it shows appreciation and it makes it clear that you don't want them to do it again.

Is this something you've ever thought of before?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Thursday, 1 February 2018

A January full of memories

February has come around once again. For the past couple of weeks I've seen people complain about how long January has been and how they can't wait for it to be over, and yet I've had an amazing month filled with fun things.

(I've still been in work on the weekdays, with NHS winter pressures making everything mad and busy, but that hasn't distracted from my weekends)

I started January celebrating the new year in Edinburgh, the fireworks were great, the city is gorgeous and it was a lovely break away.

The second weekend was my best friends birthday, and though it wasn't a trip away to Scotland it was still fun.
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The third, I graduated from my masters degree. The graduation itself was, of course, exciting, but nothing compared to the excitement of seeing all my uni friends together again and revisiting our favourite pub, The Red Deer.

The fourth weekend, my friend and I booked a spa hotel in Leeds. It wasn't any occasion, but that made it feel even better that we just treated ourselves because we wanted to. W

AND the fifth weekend (maybe this was a long month) I got to see my uni friends AGAIN and we celebrated Burn's night, hopefully a tradition for many years to come.

I get that this post was very self-indulgent, but that's what I hoped for it to be. An update on me, about all the fantastic things I've had chance to do last month, and a bank of memories. Though social media can be overwhelming at times, the fact I can scroll through any of my profiles and see so many smiling faces is special.

As the month came to a close though, I got insured on my mums car, I joined a gym and I decided I would do dry February - sometimes real life hits all at once. But, I am excited for what is to come this month, just because I'm not drinking doesn't mean I have to miss out on the fun things I would normally do, I just get to miss out on the hangovers.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Years Resolution

Today's post will be about my new years resolution, because what else do you blog about on the 2nd January (apart from the besties birthday - happy birthday Chloe!)

This year I'm going for an odd one, but I think an important one which I hope everyone will make some kind of effort to join in with.

This year I want to make less rubbish. I always notice over the Christmas period how much more waste I produce, wrapping paper, packaging, food wrappers, food waste etc. and I think it's time to try and cut down. 

It's easy to be wasteful, but I think with a few decisions I can start to minimise it. Here are a few things I will start doing and a few things I already do:

Food packaging is a big one for me, for example Mr Kiplings slices that are individually wrapped produce so much unnecessary waste. I wouldn't buy them as I think you can easily buy something else that has a lot less packaging. But, I also think I need to do this with a lot more food and pay attention to how things are wrapped. Unfortunately/fortunately this might mean buying more of some things (share bags instead of multi-packs - a girl's got to eat)

I already try and use as few plastic bags as possible and this is something I will continue with, even little things like not using a little plastic bag for loose fruit in the supermarket if it's not needed.

I need to invest in a water bottle and a hot drinks flask rather than buying throw away ones (though I do recycle my plastic bottles)

Say no to receipts whenever I can, only tiny bits of rubbish but it cuts down the amount of rubbish, and how thick my purse is. 

I'm going to try and use less make-up remover wipes and cotton pads, though I haven't figured out the best way to replace those yet - any advice on how to use toner without a cotton pad is greatly appreciated.

Don't waste food, make sure not to make way more than I can eat, and don't let things go off in the fridge.

I think, more than anything I just want to have more of an awareness of my impact on the world. If everyone had a bit more thought about what waste they produce, we could cut down massively.

Do you fancy joining me on this new years resolution? Any suggestions on other ways I can cut down?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx