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Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer Work Outfits

So the weather man has said that this coming week, England is going to be hot. BBC weather is predicting 29 degrees on Tuesday for the North of England (how can I get out of work again?)

The lovely people at Tommy John ( check out their website here) inspired me to create a post on how to adjust to the summer temperatures.

Being a cold person (currently typing this wearing a dressing gown even though it's July) I struggle with the work office sometimes, when the air con is on, all the windows are open and I have a downwind of three different fans, I'm sat shivering. But of course I can't dress for winter because of the temperature outside!

Tommy John asked me how I would style a few outfits that you could be warm enough in air con but cool enough in the summer heat. And I've even included a few for men! Of course, take inspiration from whichever board you like, I have only separated by the gender given on the websites.


Trousers are a great option for staying both warm and cool, they keep us from drafts, but if they are not too tight, they can also keep us cool. Some flat shoes are great for walking in, I always find wearing heels when it's warm make my feet warmer still! These have elastic to keep your feet in the shoe so not as sweaty as the straps you usually get on shoes. The top has a crochet effect meaning you can get a breeze outside but once covered with the jacket when inside it's nice and warm.

3. Jacket
4. Shoes

 The White Shirt  

I think a white shirt is essential for summer. This one (that I actually have) is a nice thin material that keeps you so cool but looking smart and stylish. The option of having the sleeves up or down really helps with this shirt, my only problem with it is how much it needs ironing! The colours are slightly more autumnal but is a great outfit for keeping cool. Cardigans are great for throwing over your outfit when needed, and little cropped ones like this fit nicely into most work bags.

1. Skirt
2. Shoes
3. Cardigan
4. White shirt

The Dress

 A looser fitting dress is a great summer option, this with a collar looks super smart, but is still girly. The addition of tights and the cardigan inside will give you that extra bit of warmth that you need, whilst the looser fit on the legs allows a breeze to cool you down whilst outside. Could it even be a summer outfit post without an espadrille style shoe.

1. Dress
2. Cardigan
3. Shoes

The White Shirt

It's not just the ladies that can benefit from a white shirt in summer, if you don't need to wear a tie, a short sleeved shirt is a great option, this means you can have the collar open or closed, you can get a cardigan over if it gets colder in the office.

This outfit has a second of my tips for men, see if you can get some shoes that you don't have to wear socks with, or something you can wear these Tommy John liner socks with. It will give you an extra breeze, just like their selection of men's underwear but won't make you really cold in the office. Slightly cropped trousers are great for guys too! You are able to show a little leg and it still be professional!

1. Trousers
2. Shirt
3. Shoes
4. Cardigan

The Pastel

 Don't be afraid of lighter colours, not just pink but baby blue, lilac and other colours. The long sleeved shirt and full trousers will keep you warm in office air con, but when outside won't make you feel like you're being fried!

1. Shirt
2. Shoes
3. Trousers

 Hope you liked these outfit posts, how do you stay cool in summer but warm under the air con?

Make sure you check out Tommy John's website here and check out their youtube video of one of their products, it should give you a giggle!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


  1. Great post lovely! Some lovely picks there.

    I'm just like you, I just always feel cold - especially my hands and feet so I was mega happy that we had such gorgeous weather this week!


    1. Thank you! It's so much hard work being constantly cold, wooly jumpers just aren't acceptable in summer!