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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Uni Preparation

My uni course starts in less than 9 weeks which is absolutely terrifying. As I've been to uni before I kind of have any idea of what I need and already have some things from last time (check out my full "What Do I Need to Take to Univeristy?" here). This post consist of a few things I've collected especially for university, that I won't use at home first.


I do have some bits and bobs left over from uni last time, but most note books are half used, folders still have my work in because you never know! So I've got myself a little collection of things, I'm sure I'll need more but I'll wait until I've started, I know a nice little shop in Sheffield that sell folders quite cheap! I also need some pretty pens as well as the standard bic black

Ipod dock

This Ipod dock is what I had at uni last time, although I no longer have a phone or iPod that fits this I have a little adapter and audio jack wire which means I can still use it! I do have a full stereo system at home but I was always worried it'd be too loud to have at uni. Having music on is really important to me, especially when doing work so it's hard for me to cope without it!

 Kitchen essentials

The spice rack on the left is something I had all through my undergraduate degree (meaning I do need to replace the spices) It's really useful to have different herbs and spices when you're eating on a budget, it helps make even the cheapest of foods a little more tasty! I would fully advise one of these for everyone.

A good frying pan is everyone's best friend, I used mine for so much at uni last time so I decided to get a bit of a posh non stick one this time, is it sad that I'm excited to use it and see how nicely it cleans afterwards? Yes Rachel it is very sad.

Generous gifts

I told a lady at work how much money I had to save for this degree and how I would have to take bits from home rather than buying much, she very generously brought me a few bits and bobs she doesn't use at home that she would have ended up throwing away, I'm so pleased with all of these! 


Another gift was the mattress protector from my boyfriends Gran, I was a little concerned what she thought of me and why she thought I needed one, but turns out it doesn't fit her new bed.

A very nearly new baking tray, me and my boyfriend made ourselves cookies a couple of weeks ago and wanted a nice non stick tray to put them on so I bought this one and said I would take it to uni with me. I was always surprised how much I actually needed a baking tray when at uni the first time.

These are just a few bits and bobs I've got stored ready to go with me, I'm getting more nervous and more excited to go by the day!

I've also received an email from uni telling me about the first book I should buy to learn short hand over summer, how exciting!

Are you going to uni in September?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


  1. I definitely need to get my butt ready for uni! I haven't even prepared for second year! You're post has inspired me to get to it though :')


    1. Thank you! I'm so glad it's helped haha! It just comes around so quickly sometimes that you're not prepared! x

  2. Great post! I hope it all goes well for you! Good luck xx

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