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Thursday, 7 July 2016

What Do I Need to Take to University?

So, September is coming around fast, as everything has this year. September brings the start of my Masters degree(yes I know I mention it in every post, but somebody out there might not know!). As absolutely terrifying as it is, actually living away from home is the first thing I need to sort out. I have my place sorted (living with some people I know, super exciting) Now I just need to know what to take.

As I have done university before, this hopefully means I won't take as many unnecessary things, but knowing me I'll take even more. Last year I made a post about Unusual University Essentials ( go check that out if you haven't seen it already!) But today I thought I'd create a list of the more common things I will need. Get ready for a long list.

 This is what moving out of my first year flat looked like... messy!


Ok, easy things first, although I do need to speak to my new housemates about what is already in the house, the kitchen isn't massive so I won't be able to take everything! Also I have found, the more kitchen things you have, the more the washing builds up, I like to keep it to a minimum.
- Pans - two normal pans and a frying pan should do it
- Baking trays ( I just don't think you can ever have enough)
- a couple of big plates, a couple of small plates, and a couple of bowls ( I had two different kinds of bowls, plastic for cereal and pot for hot meals)
- Basic cutlery (knives, forks, big spoons, little spoons)
- cooking cutlery - spatula, wooden spoons, tongs, serving spoons. (a ladle was surprisingly handy as well)
-  scissors
- a sharp knife or two (trust me, buying a melon and then realising I had no sharp knives was not a good idea
- A couple of mugs and a couple of glasses, they are both so easy to drop and smash so don't spend a lot on!
- a bottle opener
- Maybe tupperware unless you're likely to buy chinese, just use theirs! Also a lunch box if you will be in uni all day, you don't want to be buying your dinner everyday
- Colander or sieve, especially if you like pasta. 


 With the bathroom you shouldn't need too many things! I won't go through the actual toiletries like shampoo etc.
- a toothbrush, it's best to have one at home and one at uni to avoid forgetting them when you travel between
- A basket or something similar to put your toiletries in when you don't want to use them or don't want them in the shower.
- Toilet Rolls - uni means you will suddenly be angry about the useage of toilet rolls, it's normal! I plan to go to Costco and get a big pack to take with me initially!
- Towels - at least two big bath towels and one small hand towel, it's no fun having no hand towel in the bathroom


Bedroom is the more fun part, less about utensils and boring stuff! Like the bathroom I won't include the things like make up and hair brushes that are more personal.
- At least 2 sets of bedding
- Pillows and Duvet, most places do not supply you with them
- a blanket - you spend most of your university time in winter so it's a good idea to prepare for cold weather!
- Laptop, it would be difficult to complete a degree without one but the uni will have lots of computers to use
- a TV - admittedly I have been through a whole degree without one in my bedroom as I just don't watch TV that much, the laptop does everything I need it to do.
- Something that plays music - along with my laptop I had an iPod dock so I could play music whenever I wanted!
- A wash basket
- Photos, Every list like this mentions photos but don't underestimate how important they are to make your room feel homely

- Decoration - like soft furnishings, ornaments, plants, just things to make you feel at home!
- A mirror, usually you'll have a small one in your room, stuck somewhere that is completely useless! It's nice to have a full length one but I would advise buying this when you get there rather than trying to transport it.
- A bin, these aren't always supplied.
- A lamp - again, not always supplied.
- A money box - you need to put the pennies somewhere and you'll appreciate them when you need it!
- A door stop, most uni doors shut themselves, it makes everything much more sociable to have the doors open!

 we made paper chains to make our flat more homely!

University things

The things you actually need for being at university
- Laptop as stated above
- Pens, pencils, highlighters etc. I advise taking coloured pens and pencils, it helps make your work more pretty and therefore more interesting and memorable.
- Folders, I won't be buying these until after I start and find out how many modules I will be doing, I like to have a folder per module.
- Paper - lined mostly, you never know when you might want some plain though! Whether you choose pretty notebooks or like me you choose simple ones that you can pull out and put in your folders
- A diary, I plan on buying a diary starting in September, if anybody can advise me on where to get a good one, let me know! (I will also use the planner that I wrote about here)
- A good sized bag, you will need to take things to uni with you, some days more than others. Something big enough but not too big that you look as though you are moving house!
- any relevant past work or books that you have from college or your undergraduate degree, I did use my college stuff in my degree!


- Medications
- plasters, you always need plasters
- Iron and ironing board
- Clothes maiden
- washing powder
- Cushions for the living room, chances are they won't be supplied
- A small suitcase or weekend bag - for when you want to go home for the weekend. 
- A laptop bag, sometimes you need to take your laptop to uni, or home with you, you need something that will protect your laptop! 
- any important documents - ID, national insurance number, a wage slip, certificates. The sort of things you'd need if you applied for a job. 

And don't forget a good sense of humour, pranks are fun!

 If there's anything you think I've forgotten please comment below! Let me know if this list helped at all!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx 


  1. I remember when I first moved into halls three years ago, I was so clueless as to what to bring with me! I wish I had seen a post like yours then ahah x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I was clueless too, you end up bringing absolutely everything and never use some things! X