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Monday, 25 July 2016

July Update

So another month is coming to a close, can you believe! I feel like I haven't put much personal, lifestyle stuff on my "lifestyle" blog - nice one. So here's a run down of me and my month.

Pokemon Go 

By now everyone must have had a go, or at least know a little bit about it. As I'm writing this, I've had a little Pidgey show up.

 Does anyone else get fed up when they see a Weedle now? I always loved Pokemon when I was younger (and more recently) so this was so exciting when it came out. We've been lucky enough to have some good weather so my friend and myself have been out walking a few different places Pokemon hunting! Below is one of the rare occasions I've used snapchat lately as I've been saving all my data and battery for Pokemon, sad I know but I can't afford a high data contract!


So in Britain last week, summer happened! We had super hot days, we had storms we had sunny evenings it wqas lovely! Tuesday was the hottest day and most of the country was above 30 degrees at some point in the day. I was sat in the office most of the day, when I got home my mum had sprained both her ankles in the garden. I ended up going with her in an ambulance (she couldn't stand up and we didn't know if it was only a sprain at that point) and spending the evening in A&E, so I didn't quite experience that sun!

The Ambulance was so hot inside, I had shorts on sat on a plastic seat, you can imagine the amount I was sweating. Actually I don't think you can, it was that bad that one of the paramedics gave me an incontinance pad to sit on, you think I'm joking ...

My mum is on the mend now though, though she is very bruised!

I have been out and about on the other sunny days, maybe the really hot day wouldn't have suited my extra pale skin anyway!


Since September last year I have been learning to drive, I am pleased to say I passed my driving test on Thursday! So pleased, but more relieved than anything! I won't bore you with the details but it was my second test and I felt like I had failed again, but she said I passed! Woohoo!

Saving Money

My saving money for uni (post here) is doing well. Can you believe I've kept my blusher going this long
Not having to pay for more driving lessons or another test means I can save a lot more money as well!

I finally treated my self to some contour and highlight shades. This was just £8 and by Makeup Revolution so definitely worked with my savings!

So if you notice any different colours on my face over the next few weeks this will be why, I'm sure I'll get it wrong a few times as well! Do you have this palette? Link me to any reviews or tutorials you have or you know of please?

 How has your July been? Have you enjoyed the sunny weather?

What's your level on Pokemon Go?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx 

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