April 2016 - Rachel Ellen

Saturday, 30 April 2016

How I Plan To Plan
September this year will mark the start of my Masters Degree, I am both so excited and absolutely terrified!

The course will be extremely full on, high contact ours, large work load, a complete contrast to my undergraduate degree (see this post where you can see my timetable for my final term at university, the full 4 hours a week I had to attend for...£9000)

I'm starting to think about how I'm going to manage this work load. The other day I found this little planner in Sainsburys, such a pretty design and great for planning. I know you bloggers out there are obsessive planning people so I thought you'd love this. The non-bloggers out there, just if you need a hand planning!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Festival Fashion - America vs. Britain

Every time Coachella comes around it makes me laugh so much, number 1, do these celebrities just walk around dressed up because that's all I see people doing on pictures. Number 2, is there actually any music there as I never hear anybody talk about the line up or see any live videos! Number 3, all the news stories about being the most fashionable festival, that's great and they all look amazing, but the thought of wearing some of their trends at British Festivals (especially at places like Leeds) send a shiver down my spine.

Here's a short list of looks that I think it would be unlikely to see at a cold wet British Festival:

1. Alessandra Ambrosio -  I'm concerned you'll catch your death out there if you were up at Leeds Fest. Although actually wearing a jacket of some form does help!

2. Kylie Jenner -  I so admire her for looking so confident in something like that but can you imagine the wind on you in England with that sheer material, and if/when it got rained on to, it'd be like wet tights and is there anything worse? Also, heels in mud, you'd be so stuck with no way of getting out! Unless they work like studs on football boots!

3. Gigi Hadid - a white long dress at a festival spells disaster to me, you'd barely make it out of your tent before you were splattered with mud.

4. Kendall Jenner -  can we really discuss Coachella without multiple mentions of the Jenner/Kardashian clan? A teeny tiny lace top doesn't feel like it will give you much support while your dancing away or when you find yourself in the middle of a mosh pit or the wall of death (do they have those in America?)

5. Vanessa Hudgens - does she do anything but go to Coachella? What does she do the rest of the year? Anyway, let's look at her footwear choices (that actually most people are similar). Sandals? Can you imagine how quickly you'd have got them stuck in 6 inches of mud and totally given up on them. As for bare feet, in the mud sounds fantastic, until you remember that mud is actually likely to be freezing and you'd end up with frost bite!

6. Ellie Goulding - although I think she was performing, even then I think white trainers would be a terrible idea, once again because of the mud! I can't think of any other foot wear I would wear other than wellies to a UK festival!

I feel British festival fashion has to be a totally different style! I think my favourite outfit I've come across is definitely this from Gigi Hadid, the chains on the belt, the jacket style and colour, her hair and her so subtle make up!

On the other hand, giving some British festival traditions to Coachella would be incredible *ALAN, STEVE!*

Is there any other trends that you think just aren't relateable to British festivals?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Experiences At The Hairdressers
So my most viewed post for quite a while has been "Reason I Hate the Hairdressers". Maybe this means it's not just me that doesn't enjoy going!

But this post is a few things I have experienced whilst in a hairdressers (I go to different hairdressers near enough every cut - once a year - so these posts don't reflect on any individual hairdresser). As said in my last hairdressers related post, I haven't had anything dramatically bad happen to me, but we can all have a giggle!

1. A hairdresser once said to me "I basically eat to survive, I wouldn't eat if I didn't have to" ????? !!!!! Needless to say I was speechless, I think I'm actually the opposite, maybe more "I stop eating to survive". This of course isn't at all related hairdressing but I was so shocked! 

2. So the last hairdressers I went to, my mum was having her hair cut and the lady was talking to us both and she asked the usual question of:
"so are you going anywhere nice tonight" (because we were having our haircut) 
Me - "no I went out last night so feeling a little tender today"
Hairdresser - "oh... how old are you?"
Me - "22"
Hairdresser - "oh wow I didn't think you were old enough to drink!"
I know I've gone to the hairdressers with my mum but surely I don't look under 18 to anybody that isn't a bouncer! --- ok maybe I do - It hasn't got much better from being 20!

3. Every hairdresser ever "wow haven't you got a lot of hair!" Yes I realise you're bored of drying it, I get bored of drying it all the time, but just be glad, it's so straight you won't have to do any styling with it afterwards! However thanks for noticing my abnormally large head.

4. One hairdresser, after washing and combing my hair said to me "Are you shedding at the moment?" Am I a snake? Am I a dog? I told her I always lose hair a lot to which she said "oh that's ok then" while lifting her hand full of my hair that had come out whilst combing it, lots of hair/big head problems, #oops.
However, anybody with the problem of their hair falling out a lot, I've found mine falls out a lot less when I don't use Tresemme shampoo, and especially the conditioner!

5. When being asked what I want my hair like I said "I want it to be quite low maintenance" she then responds with "oh that's unusual for someone of your age" Yes thank you, I am lazy, you're lucky I brush it now.

Has anybody else had any funny experiences at the hairdressers?

Thanks for reading! 

Rachel xx 


Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Top 5 Apps (at the moment!)

Recently I seem be even more involved with my phone/tablet, more so than on my laptop! (still not to use blogger though, lets not get into the discussions about the blogger app). So I'm starting to realise the apps that I use to most, or maybe not even the most, just my favourites!

1. Instagram - of course! I tell myself all the time that I will post more pictures on it but I spend a lot more time lurking than posting! I just get totally sucked into it, there's so much new to look at everyday! At @racheleiwood if anyone wants to follow me!

2. Snapchat - for most people this is firmly one of their favourites, but most people I know will know I am rubbish with snapchat, I rarely reply or send anything at all! But the filters that have been available lately have been hilarious! Me and my friends are always playing with them when we're out and I always check every day for new ones! Check out these Selfies!