March 2015 - Rachel Ellen

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Life of a Third Year Student

So, I'm now well into my third year of university as you may know. I always thought the talk about third year workload was all exaggeration and I'd be fine, especially looking at the timetable i picked up for this year:

Yes that is a completely accurate university timetable of 4 hours a week.
"9 grand a year?!"
I hear somewhere in the distance. I know, trust me I know. 

How, may you ask, do I have too much work to do? Well this is where the dissertation lands and only 4 hours a week may just be a blessing. The amount of reading and time put into this thing is much more than i anticipated and it's slowly driving me crazy. This is one of the many ways that I'm getting ideas down for it, although this doesn't even remotely represent of the sheer amount of work I have done.

Yes that is on the back of my bedroom door.

Everyone around me just seem to be little balls of floating stress.

"me looking at all the work I have to do" - a very accurate representation of my life right now.

I'm both sad to be leaving university and can't wait. No more deadlines woo! Real life job and experiences, not so woo. The idea of a Masters degree is more and more tempting as it means another year of being a student (and having a student card)

- advice for anyone debating a Masters, hold off until September 2016. As far as I know you can then get student finance funding for them rather than funding it yourself.

One thing I'm finding very helpful in lowering stress and ensuring sleep is a little stretching. I'm locked in my house for about 5 days a week with not much release of energy. Now I'm no fitness advocator and I'm impressively unfit, but basic stretches (like the sorta thing you'd do in primary school PE) just to get your body moving again have been a great stress reliever.

Hope everyone's doing alright, especially with uni, let me know if you have any good coping strategies.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx