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Monday, 16 May 2016

NYX Haul

 A Haul? Am I officially a blogger now that I've used that word?

So NYX, a lot of people have heard of the brand by now, if not, it's a relatively cheap make up brand which has just recently come to the UK, I've seen it in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre but I believe it is coming to Boots stores too. I'll let you know the prices of all these products as I review them. 

I am by no means a make up expert, but I hope I can give a decent review!

NYX Eye Shadow Base - White (I didn't even know there was other colours!) - £5.50

I have never used an eye shadow base before but I've had trouble with my eye shadow creasing lately (sweaty eyelids - TMI) So I thought I'd try it out, I am in no way willing to pay for the Urban Decay one no matter how good I'm told it is.

Because I've never tried something like this before I was very surprised by it. It actually applies white onto your eyelids (lighter as you spread it out but still visible) and it was very creamy. I applied it with an eye shadow brush but I think finger application would be good too. I wore it with Loreal eyeshadow (this one) over the top for about 5 hours and didn't have any creasing (which is great for me and that eye shadow!)  However when I wore it with a mix of a Revlon and a Rimmel eye shadows in the evening at a party I got creasing after only a few hours, maybe I was just a little too warm!

I think I might need a little more practice with it, I can see me using it a lot with the hope that it stops creasing!

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Black/Grey - £5.50

This is an extremely pigmented product. Because it's quite a cheap brand I expected it to be a little thinner and lighter, and the black to appear more grey but it is definitely black! I really struggle with eyebrow products and still haven't found one I like, I have brown hair but near black eyebrow hairs, so black looks silly with my hair and brown looks silly under my eyebrow hairs. Grey based colours seem to be the best compromise.

I'm going to need a lot more practice to get this one right and not too black, maybe only using the lighter colour. I love the little bristley (good word) brush, really good for shaping your eyebrows and I'm glad it doesn't come with some tiny tweezers that I'm never ever going to use. 

I'm not a fan of the packaging, the front has frosted plastic which makes taking a picture very difficult, but for £5.50 we're not too fussy about packaging are we!

The gel didn't dry very quickly which made it a bit difficult to use, but if you want a highly pigmented product I definitely recommend this one, easy to use, a choice of two colours and I love the little brush!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural 

This is my favourite of the three products, the colour is so pretty, I think it still falls into the nudes category of lipstick colours. I have really dark coloured lips so normal lighter nudes don't look good on me at all and less pigmented products look different colours on me. This, however went over my natural lip colour with no problem. It is a Matte colour but I don't find it drying, it feels and looks creamy and the next day my lips aren't cracked or dry (like they are with MAC - sorry not sorry)

The packaging is cheap, it's nothing on my lovely NARS lipstick with magnetic lid (see that post here), but again, for £6.50 I don't mind cheap packaging if the product is good. The lipstick doesn't last for ages, but it fades all together so you don't have patchy lips. I can imagine it'd look even better with a lip liner.

My friend also bought this lipstick in the colour Butter and she felt the same way, so nice to wear but doesn't last for ages.

Overall I'm really pleased with the products for the price, highly pigmented and nice to wear. I'd definitely look into more of their products.

What do you think of NYX, do you have any of their products? Do you think you'll look into buying them now?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

All pictures by me, I know they look good don't they! A white IKEA chair does wonders as a background!


  1. That lipstick looks so pretty.


    1. Thank you! It really is so pretty and so easy to wear during the day! Xx