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Monday, 23 May 2016

Where's the World That Doesn't Care?

So last night, I finally (finally, as in, waiting since I'd first heard of them in 2002 when I was 8) saw Busted live, yes complete Busted, with Charlie, no Mcfly, just my boys. See picture above, red circle is roughly where I was sat.

A little bit of a throwback, What I Go to School For came out first, and I loved it, Year 3000 came out second. I remember going into the kitchen on a Sunday and asking my mum if Busted had got number 1 (they hadn't) and she said "oh do you like them!? and within a week had brought me their Year 3000 single home, yes a CD with a single on, not an MP3. However lyrics including "triple breasted women"? nevermind! I was a happy little 8 year old anyway.

I followed the band for their two years, trying to see every Top Of the Pops appearance, trying to see every music video (much more difficult back then) and every interview. I have this vague memory of Charlie being on something like Jonathan Ross or Never Mind the Buzzcocks and being really annoyed when I was told I had to go to bed, nightmare!

From their second album, Meet You There was always one of my favourites, the title of this post is from that song! Recently Busted did a new recording of this (here) at Abbey Road which was just as good as the original, but I really feel their voices have matured (not James', his is exactly the same!) They had a separate stage further back in the arena, right in front of me, to sing this and another song. The little set up was gorgeous with a piano, drums, a rug and the lights as shown in the picture above, so lovely!

 An attempted panoramic shot, doesn't quite do the arena justice with all those phone lights, it was eerily bright!

I had both of their albums and then they released Thunderbirds Are Go and I loved it but of course couldn't listen to it other than hoping it came on the radio (what's streaming anyway - so retro). My friend Kerrie (who came with me last night to the gig) had the single and she said she'd lend it to me for a week. I swear I have never, EVER listened to a song so much within a week. I wanted to know every word, every note, every detail before I had to give it back! I couldn't wait to get home from school and put it on repeat, and yes my CD player had that function. 

Last night they played through their classics and three new songs which are sounding quite good. I'm excited to listed to the whole album they're making. But I really wish they'd get rid of the electronicky sound they keep trying (see Coming Home by Busted)

It was a really great night, so fun, kind of emotional (sad I know). I really felt like Charlie was happy playing there with the rest of Busted, it could all be fake but his smile really did seem genuine!

I know what a lot of you are thinking, if you've even made it this far, why's she being so soft about Busted? They're just a little pop band. But in a silly way they are kind of special, I adore them for nostalgic reasons, Year 3000 was the first single I'd ever had (I'd had albums before, Spice Girls, S Club 7), their poster was the first on my wall, I've probably listened to their music overall more than anything else I own. I feel they paved the way for my music taste through my teenage years and even now  

Like many fans, I spent a long time hating Charlie and his other musical endeavours, but recently I've listened to his solo stuff and actually its really good! I'd really advise you listen to it.

Busted were amazing last night, so glad I saw them!

Let me know what you thought of any of their gigs that you've been to. Did you go the first time around?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx   

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