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Thursday, 5 May 2016


Podophobia is the fear of feet, although I wouldn't quite say I have a fear, but it's definitely more than a disliking. I think it's more that I find them gross than I'm actually scared of them.

Ironically, when you search podophobia, and half the articles about it there are pictures of feet, what a bad image to have on there! So for my post I'm going to share animal feet pictures instead.


The appearance of feet really creeps me out, although I can deal with it. I very rarely wear shoes with open toes as I really don't like other people seeing my feet (as though they would be as disgusted with my feet as I am - but no, they aren't that crazy)

 I don't have the link to this picture, but I think it's so cute!

 My biggest problem with feet is them touching anything. Here's my feet touching grossness list (good title that) starting with the least gross and progressing into downright revolting:
- People's feet touching other people, yes I will quietly freak out about that.
- Feet touching things that my hands/face might touch eg. feet on pillows, cushions, clothing.
- Feet touching me, I can't deal with that, why this comes up so often that people feel the need to put their feet on me I have no idea!
And the worst - Other people's feet touching my feet, I honestly go into complete meltdown over this, even if socks or even shoes are on I still can't deal with this!

https://www.pexels.com/photo/feet-legs-animal-farm-560/ - in no way can I understand why this photo exists but I'm happy about it

I luckily still like shoes though, I think I appreciate that they cover feet, I just wish more companies would make summery shoes that cover your toes (because actually that's the part of feet that I dislike the most). Next week I will create a list of shoes currently in shops that are summery and cover your toes, I hope you're as excited as me! See this post here

Does anyone else have a fear/disgust of feet? Or any other slightly odd phobias?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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