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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Plaits 'R' Us!

Like many people, recently I've been trying out many different plaits. I think they make such nice hairstyles and keep your hair off your face!

For ages I couldn't do french plaits, I just couldn't get my head around it, I felt like I needed three more arms, several more fingers and a lot less hair! But because I was seeing them more and more I decided I wanted to learn. My poor mum became my model whilst I was practising, three brothers isn't very helpful! (neither is her hair, I thought I had a lot of hair but hers is SO thick *sorry mum*)

I actually figured it out after watching a Zoella video (this one, she does 4 hairstyles in the video) But she does dutch braids instead of French which I find so much easier! Dutch braids are essentially the same as French but instead of plaiting the strands over each other, you plait them under. See Zoella's video if that makes no sense!

I'm still not perfect at them, I find it really hard to pull hair tight as I am really head sore! But the best piece of advise from that video was to not look in the mirror when you do them as it is so much more complicated to try and watch yourself!

 Next I tried a single dutch braid, which I love, it goes so thick and keeps my hair out of my way, although it fell out a lot through the day due to the layers in my hair! Reminder, don't have layers cut in next time Rachel! I say this everytime and always forget! Yes I do have squishy shoulders on this picture from the angle that I took it!

 Most recently I've figured out how to do french plaits in my fringe area, I've found this so hard to figure out, I watched a video by Missy Sue which is here, and she explained it so easily and gave other variations depending on what you want! The only thing that ruins it is my large amounts of broken/baby hair!

 I just need to wait for my hair to be a bit longer and I can start with my fish tail plaits again which I think are really pretty!

What plaits do you like? Do you struggle to do them too?

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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