April 2014 - Rachel Ellen

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Small Achievements
Sometimes during this time of year in Education when there are so many deadlines and exams and future choices all piling into you, it's so easy to forget the good things.

I've always tried to make myself to appreciate the little things, those things that might not affect your long term plans but can just make you feel good.

I remember about at the age of 13/14 I made a list of top 5 bands that I decided I HAD to see, I figured I should start to be picky about my the most important bands to me at that time so I didn't end up missing out. So here is a list of those bands and how many times I have actually been to see them

1. You Me At Six -  3 times
2. Cobra Starship - twice
3. Paramore - once
4. All Time Low - twice
5. Mcfly - once (but a second coming up soon with McBusted)

The bands aren't the important part of this post, what is important is I managed to complete a young me's dream, more than once! Not once was I disappointed earlier. 

What I take from this is to give myself achievable goals (although at the time I didn't think they were achievable!) and they will boost your mood. Here's a few pictures, I know the quality is horrific but these were 2008/2009 not top range phones but you can still tell it's a gig! 

I'd love to know some of your small achievements, no matter how daft they sound!

thanks for reading

Rachel xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Eating Problems!
I'm posting this on a whim, hoping I am not the only one like this but I have to say I'm the first one to jump up if I hear the words "FREE FOOD" I always wonder how I'm not huge! 

Last night was one occasion at a pub quiz, me and my friend didn't actually take part in the quiz but half way through sandwiches were brought out for the people taking part in the quiz. I'm sure this shouldn't have been my first thought but it was the first thing out of my mouth "I would have done the quiz if I knew there was free food!" Anyone would think I've been brought up having to fight for my food. 

We were then told we could have the leftover sandwiches which resulted in this snapchat

Definitely way to excited at the concept of the sandwiches.

Maybe it's the fact I'm a student and live of very basic meals most of the year, that as soon as I hear "food" my ears perk up. Maybe it's that I've grown up with three brothers, eat your food fast or don't eat!

And then the instant wins at McDonalds, which I mentioned in my last post, getting a Mcflurry as well as my meal with the excuse "It's to get more stickers" I'm destined to be enormous. 

Maybe one day I'll gain that politeness that many people have of "Oh no I'll be fine I don't need any food" rather than "I'll eat everything in sight!" (and I blame my see through leggings on the shop, definitely not the size of my arse...)

I like to think there are more of you like me who completely embarrass themselves at the concept of free food, but maybe it's only me

thanks for reading

Rachel xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Animal-Packed Weekend
My weekend has been filled with animals - perfect weekend for me! 

Firstly on Saturday after a free McDonalds breakfast (those Monopoly stickers are both the best and worst thing in my life right now), my boyfriend and I went to a local Garden Centre called All-In-One to look at the animals, because that's what a 20 and 21 year old do with their Saturdays...

I just love the way this Hamsters fallen asleep, doesn't look the most comfy but I bet she/he's happy!

This is where I left Andrew whilst I walked around, the indoor carp pond, he does a lot of fishing so apparently likes watching carp swim around. They are pretty cool though, some have such nice scale patterns and you can buy food to feed them.

And today (Sunday) after picking my niece Bella up and doing a bit of food shopping, we nipped up to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, now if you don't know about this place check out the website here. It is a charity for animals needing homes, but you can go up and have a look at them all. I would love to adopt them all but my situation right now means I can't. This is one of the many dogs up at the sanctuary, Ron, one of the few that came and posed for a picture!

 I'm gutted this last one didn't turn out better, this is Mary. She was eating and I called her name for a picture and she looked straight at me! Goat model material (please tell me goat models exist!

Quite a long picture heavy post today, but look at all the animals!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crazy Tuesday
On Tuesday I came back from uni for Easter, as you can imagine that is a a big enough task on it's own, but my day consisted of a meeting at uni first thing, then travelling to Huddersfield so my boyfriend could go to uni for the day - that meant an hours shopping for me.

I bought myself the cheapest lipstick in Boots, I think. It is from Boots own make-up company "Natural Collection" everything is so cheap and quite gentle on your skin. I didn't want to spend a lot on a colour that might not suit me so £1.99 (using my Boots card points) later, here it is. "Pink Mallow"

On our way driving through Huddersfield we saw a Pheasant which is a beautiful bird!

We got back from Huddersfield and got ready very quickly! (15minutes to do hair and make-up from scratch is a nightmare!) and off we went for a meal.

We didn't get back to my house with all my stuff until midnight! Once all the stuff was in the house I just left it until the next morning, which is when I woke up to this!

All quite bad quality photographs, sorry! But let me tell you that wasn't appealing to wake up to. I'm all unpacked now for Easter but I definitely have more clothes than I left with, my drawers are overflowing!

Sorry about the potentially boring waffly post but that was my crazy Tuesday.

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

The life of a photographers girlfriend
This week I learnt about the joys of having a photography student as a boyfriend. He took me out at half ten on Tuesday night to take the pictures he wanted. So cold and late on and he was concentrating sooo I just took some pictures on my phone to entertain myself! I'll share some of those pictures and advise you to not choose a photographer as a boyfriend/girlfriend if you like to stay warm!

(crazy hair)
I'm moaning but it was actually quite nice to go for the walk, apart from all the scary noises in the park! We went to Norfolk Park in Sheffield city centre which is lovely!

thanks for reading

Rachel xx