October 2015 - Rachel Ellen

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Life update...

Today's post will be an unusual one for me, a lot less structured and generally just chatting (to myself with perhaps somebody reading afterwards - hopefully) about what's been going on for me.

First things first, I have started my driving lessons! Yes! About time, only about 3/4 years late. So far I have done 8 hours and it's starting to come together, super exciting so if any secret millionaire would like to buy me a car I'll send you my address! 

A new niece was welcomed into the world about a month ago, baby Annalise. Holding babies scares me so much, I was shaking just taking the below picture in case I dropped my phone on her face (I would not be the favourite aunty then!)

Work, work is work. What more can I say about it, it's nice to be earning my own money I suppose! saved and paid for my own driving lessons so well done me! I'm definitely on the look out for job opportunities and when my laptop is either fixed or I have a new one I will make my search a lot more serious.

As an alternative to a new job, I'm also thinking about further education. Whether that be a masters or just some kind of qualification, I'm really starting to think I'll need it to make my journalism ambition a reality.

I turn 22 next month, oh my god, how did that happen! When I'm not on the verge of crying about how old I am I suppose I'm feeling some benefits to my age... or not.

Working means I need to find a way to make it worth while, I'm currently in the process of looking at a trip away but won't say any more until it is a definite! Frequent trips back to my lovely little Sheffield are  super nice though!

I would have included more pictures in this post but the only ones in my phone are screenshots of various things I've found funny recently, my favourite ever:

Thanks for reading guys,

Rachel xx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Resting Friendly Face (RFF)
By now we've all seen the posts all over the Internet about "Resting Bitch Face" (RBF) and the associated problems, which I am sure there are many.

But I am yet to see anyone address the opposite problem, that we could call the "Resting Friendly Face"? RFF for short (could have had resting approachable face but somebody already took RAF)

I can almost hear you RBF people sighing thinking how could this even be a problem, well trust me it is! Here's a few points to demonstrate why:

1. People assume you like them, Imagine the most irritating person, rude, obnoxious, everything you hate in a person. Every time they speak you don't react, you stay expressionless - so you think. Then you catch your face in the mirror and you're pulling the expression on the right above, no wonder they keep talking to you! Cue over exaggerated frowned eyebrows.

2. In a world where everybody says they hate people, imagine people regularly approached you. People ask you for directions, people you don't know ask you about things, ask for your opinions etc. Half of the time I'm thinking "I've been awake about an hour I must look like death why do these people want to talk to me" and then I'm sat there like this: