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Monday, 5 October 2015

Resting Friendly Face (RFF)

By now we've all seen the posts all over the Internet about "Resting Bitch Face" (RBF) and the associated problems, which I am sure there are many.

But I am yet to see anyone address the opposite problem, that we could call the "Resting Friendly Face"? RFF for short (could have had resting approachable face but somebody already took RAF)

I can almost hear you RBF people sighing thinking how could this even be a problem, well trust me it is! Here's a few points to demonstrate why:

1. People assume you like them, Imagine the most irritating person, rude, obnoxious, everything you hate in a person. Every time they speak you don't react, you stay expressionless - so you think. Then you catch your face in the mirror and you're pulling the expression on the right above, no wonder they keep talking to you! Cue over exaggerated frowned eyebrows.

2. In a world where everybody says they hate people, imagine people regularly approached you. People ask you for directions, people you don't know ask you about things, ask for your opinions etc. Half of the time I'm thinking "I've been awake about an hour I must look like death why do these people want to talk to me" and then I'm sat there like this:

Well not really. I wish. Looking a lot less glowing but equally as approachable.

3. For those of us who get on buses there's always the problem of people sitting next to you. People like to sit next to the friendliest looking person on the bus because lets be honest buses attract some characters. As much as I try and pull my best "don't sit next to me" face, it looks a lot more like this:

Which is still a lot more appealing than most people on the bus.

4. Sales people ALWAYS approach you. Most of them work on commission so your accidental natural not frown means they swarm. (if RFF is deeply ingrained into your brain you actually smile when you say "no thank you" and they push more)

(actual real life picture of me trying to give a funny look, and kind of resembling the last picture - top tip, glitter doesn't help the case nor do party hats)

5. People sometimes find it quite funny when you're annoyed because you kind of resemble this:

I realise there could be a lot worse problems but just so you know us RFF people don't have it so easy, even if we look like we do.

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