January 2017 - Rachel Ellen

Monday, 30 January 2017

Meat-Free Feburary

To me, February is all about resolutions. January is a no go. I won't go into detail now but check out my post from two years ago to see why - here.

I usually like to give something up for the full month, crisps, chocolate, that sort of thing.

But this February I've decided to try something a little harder. I'm going to give up meat for the month.

Now, I'm not a big meat-eater anyway. I only really eat chicken, mince and bacon (and other similar tasting cured ham). But I felt, if I could do a whole month without meat, how much more adventurous would my cooking and my tastes be?

I'm undecided on the fish thing at the moment, in all honesty the only fish I eat is tinned tuna. I know there are a lot of pescatarians (vegetarian but eats fish). What do you think, should I eat tuna or get rid of that too?

I've bought a vegetarian cook book, I have been scouring pinterest for meal ideas and I have spent far too much on a food shop.

My aim is to learn how to cook without meat more often, and perhaps to be healthier by eating more vegetables.

I will try and keep my blog updated throughout the month, I have a board on Pinterest called Vegetarian Meal Ideas, my username is therachelwood. I might also put some meal pictures on Instagram, username: Racheleiwood

Let me know what you think, are you vegetarian? Have you tried meat free meals?

Thanks for reading, wish me luck!

Rachel xx

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rust Eyeshadow

If you follow anything in the beauty world, bloggers, vloggers, that sort of thing, you've probably heard of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette by now. everyone is going crazy. I wasn't really prepared to spend £41 on this, I'm too poor and that is way too much on colours I've not really used before.
The colours that I was quite interested in were the reddy-pinky -rusty colours. So Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Love Letter, Antique Bronze.

So I decided to go to Boots and Superdrug to see if I could find something that might be a similar colour, but I think everyone in Sheffield has had the same idea, any palette with a slightly similar colour, or any single pot of eyeshadow that's anywhere near these colours is absolutely sold out.

The ONLY thing I found with that kind of colour (I'm not joking) was this NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust. I've never seen anyone review them before but I thought it was worth a try

The pencil is a little tough, but I think if my bedroom was a little warmer than -15 degrees it might be softer.

The colour is quite burgundy rather than red and has quite a nice colour pay off.

For anyone wanting to try that kind of colour without splashing out the £41, I think this is a really good idea

What do you think of these red colours for eyes?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy moments

It's looking a lot like 2016 is going to be a year that we all recoil from in the future, the "don't talk about it" year, or kids saying "when did that celebrity die?" and we answer "probably 2016", or the history question "what was the pivotal point in 2016 that caused.. (whatever might happen in the future)?"
a) David Bowie dying
b) Harambe
c) Brexit
d) Donald Trump
And it will be, e) all of the above.

But actually, amongst all the events going on in the world, in 366 days, some of us had some really positive moments. So, I'm just going to mention a few moments that made me happy this year.

1. I spent a year out of education for the first time since I was 4. I worked the whole year, saved a whole lot of money.

2. I passed my driving test, something I've been dying to do for years but I just needed the money, and just last week, I drove for the first time since my test as one of my Christmas presents was 3 weeks of insurance.

3. I applied for, got a place on and started a masters degree. To say I underestimated it, is a massive understatement. I've never been as far behind with work in my life, I was convinced I wouldn't even get it finished. But I just about managed it. Now onto the second term.

4. I managed to buy Christmas presents, don't underestimate how much of an achievement this was for me this year in terms of money and time. I even think people liked their presents.

5. I've met loads of new people, I've spoken to strangers regardless of how nervous it has made me, and I even made some new friends. 

6. I finally completed my resolution I've had for years of drinking more water, I don't even know what this years resolution can be without that.

7. I've learned how to cook new things, from scratch as well. 

8. I've worked hard, in many different aspects and I'm really pleased with my lazy self for that.

For all the terrible things that this last year will be remembered for, don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for everything you've achieved this year, keep your head high and continue on to next year with a positive outlook. 

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

ps. The Queen, I hope you're alright, let's not start 2017 with a black mark.