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Monday, 30 January 2017

Meat-Free Feburary

To me, February is all about resolutions. January is a no go. I won't go into detail now but check out my post from two years ago to see why - here.

I usually like to give something up for the full month, crisps, chocolate, that sort of thing.

But this February I've decided to try something a little harder. I'm going to give up meat for the month.

Now, I'm not a big meat-eater anyway. I only really eat chicken, mince and bacon (and other similar tasting cured ham). But I felt, if I could do a whole month without meat, how much more adventurous would my cooking and my tastes be?

I'm undecided on the fish thing at the moment, in all honesty the only fish I eat is tinned tuna. I know there are a lot of pescatarians (vegetarian but eats fish). What do you think, should I eat tuna or get rid of that too?

I've bought a vegetarian cook book, I have been scouring pinterest for meal ideas and I have spent far too much on a food shop.

My aim is to learn how to cook without meat more often, and perhaps to be healthier by eating more vegetables.

I will try and keep my blog updated throughout the month, I have a board on Pinterest called Vegetarian Meal Ideas, my username is therachelwood. I might also put some meal pictures on Instagram, username: Racheleiwood

Let me know what you think, are you vegetarian? Have you tried meat free meals?

Thanks for reading, wish me luck!

Rachel xx

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