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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quarantine Me!

With the changing temperature between winter and spring a lot of people around me have been getting ill. Sniffles, coughs, infections, headaches, in bed for a week etc. and I for one just do not have time to be ill with all my university work!

So this post is all about the ways I try and stay healthy.

Sleep - I'm not normally one for early nights and early mornings but at the moment I've been going to bed around 11 and waking up at 8 (such a weird student!). I think the early sunrise is helping the morning part. This sleeping pattern is making me feel much more awake and productive - and I bet it's doing wonders for my immune system.

Liquids - A glass of orange juice a day, plenty of water and cordial should help to wash any bacteria out of my body. It will also do wonders for my skin (since I've been off my no chocolate month I've had quite a few big spots!) In Asda the 1.35l bottle of Innocent orange juice is £2.    --- EDIT May 2016 - I advise against a glass of orange juice a day as my teeth were not thankful for it!

Fruit - fruit is always good for you and I'm lucky enough to love so many different kinds. But I find it hard to eat fruit being a student as it goes off so quickly and can be quite expensive. I try and stick to the rule of a banana a day, and a couple of tangerine/satsuma/clementines (whatever they're called) as often as possible. I had some lovely pieces of watermelon yesterday as well.

Stress levels - If, like me you are a complete panick-er about everything - but also a massive procrastinator it might be causing you to get ill a lot more than normal. So as I have a lot of work on I am trying to keep myself calm, one way is in a past blog post here. This shows a weekly timetable I keep to deal with all the different things I need to do. It shows me how much time I really have in my week.

Fresh Air - don't ever underestimate what a bit of fresh air can do, especially when it's lovely and warm like it has been. Keep yourself warm but go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

These are my ways of keeping disease away, if you have any tips I'd love to hear them because I really don't want to get ill!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. Great tips! Small things that can make big difference is the best too keep the health :)


    1. thanks :) I think the small things are easy to forget sometimes! xx

  2. Hey there!

    I nominated you for a Liebster award over at my blog. I hope you'll like it. I really enjoyed doing mine :)