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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Love/Hate Tag
A bit of an unusual one for me but I've been tagged to do this which is super exciting.

I was nominated by a the lovely Emily from Twisted-Rust & Pixel to do the Love/Hate Tag!
Go see her Love/Hate tag here, spoilershe saves her best hate until last

What is the Love/Hate Tag? Once you have been tagged by another blogger, you must state 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Once you have done that simple task you must nominate 10 other bloggers to do this tag.

Note: I did ask my boyfriend for a lot of help with this, I didn't include all his suggestions but it's nice to know how well he knows me, cute!


1. We'll start with the obvious, family friends and boyfriend. Everything else is just a bonus soppy 

2. Eating out is definitely something I love doing, this might be because I'm so rubbish at cooking and that I don't like waiting around for ages for something to cook. I'd eat out every night if I could! (new favourite is Chiquito, their chilli and cheese garlic bread starter is to die for!)

3. Red lipstick, to me is timeless, seasonless and the perfect accessory to any face providing you get the right shade. Love my Rimmel Kate Moss 111 right now.

4. Autumn, the leaves, the colours, scarves, coats, hats, halloween, bonfire night, birthdays (so many people I know are born in Autumn!) and before it gets way too cold. What's not to love?

5. Smoothies/Cocktails - Although you might not think they fall into the same category I love fruity tastes, cocktails aren't suitable for day to day and Smoothies don't quite do the job for a night out!

6. Dogs they didn't get the name (hu)man's best friend for nothing! The most loveable dopey creatures in the world, I can't be sad whilst there's a dog around

7. The zoo, in fact animals in general I'm just obsessed, finding animal videos on the internet really hasn't helped this at all

8. Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps...
Or Salt and Vinegar any kind...
In fact just crisps in general, there's a few flavours I'm really not for (cheese and onion, gross!) but I'm a fan of their general existence. 

9. Sleep, what more can I say?

10. New places, I might not always be so confident with new people, but new places just excite me!


1. Feet. The. Worst. Thing.

2. Sweetcorn, why oh why do people eat sweetcorn. Shops put it in everything, do you know how hard it is to buy a salad without the mini yellow devil inside? Surely something that bright yellow shouldn't be consumed, the smell of it cooking, the pop in your mouth the fact it does nothing for you?!?! WHY!

3. My nose, no not in the sense of I'd like a nose job, but how sensitive it is. I am permanently sneezing or blowing my nose or sniffling, is it hayfever? Is it allergies? Is it just bored?

4. Unnecessary physical contact, just things as simple as somebody half leaning on you when they really don't need to, or people who hug too much. People who touch your hands are so beyond my understanding, and they get a fright when they find out how cold my hands are anyway.

5. How lazy I am, I could have such better grades and opportunities and a very full CV if I wasn't so lazy, it's something I try so hard to overcome. If I don't consciously try not to be lazy I could sit in the same spot for days.

6. Proper nouns not being capitalised, English geek I know, but when people write my name without a capital (or even their own!) it drives me crazy.

7. Queueing, what a bad English person I am, we're supposed to love queueing. (searching how to spell queueing, apparently you can spell it as I have or queuing, but the version I have used apparently has the longest consecutive use of vowels!)

8. Potatoes, I realise crisps are in my loves and they are potatoes but they actually have flavour unlike the bland blandness of other kinds of potato.

9. Sales racks, I get so excited at the idea of a bargain, then I go shopping and see the sale rail and just stop, I can't bring myself to route through, see point 5!

10. Spiders, how did I get to number 10 without mentioned this, i can't even describe the spider I just saw ten minutes before writing this, so big! I appreciate they're needed to control the fly population but guys, stay out of my house!

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I look forward to reading other peoples. hopefully you haven't already done it and if you have make sure you link me to it anyway!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx