June 2014 - Rachel Ellen

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time Flies...
We've all heard the phrase time flies when you're having fun, but it seems that as you get older, time just flies. (I'm only 20, I think I'm having a major midlife crisis!)

Look how much I've changed! What's even worse is the picture on the right is from about 18 months ago as well so it's not even recent!

I have just got my result for my second year of uni, which leaves me as a third year now, I honestly feel like I'm still fresh out of high school. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Home VS Uni
I've been home from university for about five weeks now and I'm getting well used to being back home. I have just finished my second year of uni, so this could be my last summer as a student scary, depending on what I do next year, of course. Today's post will be a list of pros and cons to living back at home.

Pro - At home, I get the majority of my meals made for me, I am a very bad and lazy cook so you can't even imagine the relief that this is. Below are the kind of thing I tend to live on at uni: 

(18p noodles from Aldi, put a bit of curry powder and pepper in and you're onto a cheap tasty meal - uni top tip!)

Con - Not being able to choose what I eat, I am fussy enough to not like potatoes so when I am cooking for myself, I don't have any at all. At home I either have to eat them or don't eat :(

Pro - All my close friends from primary school, high school and college all live very close to me, within a reasonable

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Summer Job
I keep promising myself I will post more on my blog and then before I know it a whole week has come around and I haven't posted anything. I am now, well into the swing of my summer job, 9-5 Monday-Friday, eugh it almost makes me feel like a grown up, but not quite. 

There's a few reasons I enjoy working over my summer breaks:

  1. Most importantly, I get paid. So for a few months before Christmas I live like the Queen of students (until I spend it all)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Out and About
Recently I've been to a few different places, my last post here shows my recent trip to Blue Planet Aquarium, lots of pictures for you to check out. And from there we visited Cheshire Oaks Outlet which is huge, so many shops which included a Cadbury's shop (10 Creme Eggs for £2, what a bargain!) 

I also spent a few days in Wales, which included a lot of vegging out (sometimes you just need to do nothing!) We also went on a few walks.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Blue Planet Aquarium
Earlier this week I went to Blue Planet Aquarium  in Cheshire. Being someone who's always loved animals and my boyfriend being a fisherman, this was definitely a good idea for a day out for us.

 The biggest clown fish I've ever seen, it was bigger than the size of the palm of my hand.

 It can't just be me that finds stingray's faces hilarious?

 Otters eating dead chicks. fairly gross but they're still super cute!

 A selfie with a shark was a lot more challenging than I thought, they move way too fast! Below, I just about managed one with a stingray but unfortunately my face let the side down (not that my eye on the one above didn't!)

We also watched the sting ray feed where they told us the animals in the curved tunnel look only 2/3 of their actual size, if you've been  I'm sure you can imagine how scary the real size must be.

I realise this is quite a lazy post with mostly pictures, but let's be honest, if you see a post about an aquarium, all you're really interested in is the pictures!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx