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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Home VS Uni

I've been home from university for about five weeks now and I'm getting well used to being back home. I have just finished my second year of uni, so this could be my last summer as a student scary, depending on what I do next year, of course. Today's post will be a list of pros and cons to living back at home.

Pro - At home, I get the majority of my meals made for me, I am a very bad and lazy cook so you can't even imagine the relief that this is. Below are the kind of thing I tend to live on at uni: 

(18p noodles from Aldi, put a bit of curry powder and pepper in and you're onto a cheap tasty meal - uni top tip!)

Con - Not being able to choose what I eat, I am fussy enough to not like potatoes so when I am cooking for myself, I don't have any at all. At home I either have to eat them or don't eat :(

Pro - All my close friends from primary school, high school and college all live very close to me, within a reasonable
walking distance (that includes my boyfriend). And of course my family is  all around me. And I live in such a nice place;

Con - I have to go such a long time without seeing my uni lot :(

Pro - I have a job, so actually have some spare money to spend and do what I want.

Con - I have a job, so I actually have to work, damn. And I live in the middle of no where so nothing to spend my money on, this is when city centre living is so much better, everything is on my door step. Other than an abundance pubs and a pretty horrific town centre, a decent night out is a 40 minute drive to Manchester, which, as you can imagine is a nightmare when I can walk to the clubs from my house in Sheffield. I mean, look at the excitement on this picture when we got to Manchester and through the queue:

Pro - Not having any uni work is so great, so little to worry about for a few months of the year.

Con - Knowing I need to start thinking about my dissertation, HELP!

Pro - The lack of worry I have when I'm home, if I lose my key I'm not locked out of my bedroom and won't be charged a shed-load for a new key. If I get stuck somewhere somebody with a car is only a phone call away.

Con - Having to be much more considerate of coming in late, being noisy when I come in, having to be a responsible adult and turn up to work everyday. Unlike with uni if I'm extra tired one day I might miss a lecture or two! (we all do it!)

I'm sure most students feel similar sorts of things when coming back for summer, being responsible for yourself is both the best and worst thing to happen to you. I don love being at home so I'm going to take full advantage of that over the next few months and try and do as much as possible, apologies for the long post

Thanks for reading - if you made it this far down!

Rachel xx


  1. Rachel thanks for your kind words on my blog, much appreciate it <3 Also, we're studying the same thing! Although I'll be at the University of Sheffield and not Sheffield Hallam...!

    I think I'll soon start to relate to everything you posted. I'm afraid I'll be a lazy cooker too! Although I'll work hard not to be one! xxx


    1. Oh wow that's cool, I really enjoy my course, I bet it'll be even more interesting for you being Spanish.
      You eventually learn short cuts with cooking that mean minimal effort for a nice meal. I hope you enjoy Sheffield! xx