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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Out and About

Recently I've been to a few different places, my last post here shows my recent trip to Blue Planet Aquarium, lots of pictures for you to check out. And from there we visited Cheshire Oaks Outlet which is huge, so many shops which included a Cadbury's shop (10 Creme Eggs for £2, what a bargain!) 

I also spent a few days in Wales, which included a lot of vegging out (sometimes you just need to do nothing!) We also went on a few walks.

I think these bricks under the water look so cool

Isn't the beach lovely, I could spend hours just sat on the beach but unfortunately it was pretty breezy in north Wales
And of course it included a trip to the hungry horse, I think I'll need to go on a detox from this place soon!

And once back home I was sat watching fishing, the fishing part doesn't really interest me but on a sunny day the lake is so pretty.

Since I've been back from Wales I've been straight back into work, starting the week with a long and boring training day. My summer's always consist of a 9-5 job, which is great for the money but such a killer on my social life. 

Hope you've all been up to a lot in warm summer weather (or if you're in England; warmer, lucky if it's not raining summer weather!)

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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