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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Summer Job

I keep promising myself I will post more on my blog and then before I know it a whole week has come around and I haven't posted anything. I am now, well into the swing of my summer job, 9-5 Monday-Friday, eugh it almost makes me feel like a grown up, but not quite. 

There's a few reasons I enjoy working over my summer breaks:

  1. Most importantly, I get paid. So for a few months before Christmas I live like the Queen of students (until I spend it all)
  2. It makes me make the most of the time I have spare, when you have all summer ahead of you it's amazing how easy it is to waste
  3. I don't have to work while I'm at uni, uni work + a job = major stress, I tried it in my first year, never again!
  4. It encourages me to try hard at university to try and get the best job I can, whilst my summer job is interesting and, at times, enjoyable I don't think I could do it as a full time job. 
Whilst there are many downsides to working I am only going to focus on the positives for now. If you were wondering, I work in an office in a hospital doing admin work.

Working in this office makes me notice the weather a lot more - especially when it's sunny. I try my best to do things after work (hence the lack of blog posts) so I don't become a boring old person, or perhaps going for walks makes me a boring old person, and going to Bingo? Uh-oh...

The Beautiful Hollingworth Lake

So this post was pretty pointless and rambling so I'll leave you with this picture that gave me a proper chuckle earlier

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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