February 2015 - Rachel Ellen

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Last February I made this blog, I was so excited by the idea and had been meaning to do it for the longest time, I now have over 50 posts, and hope I can make at least 50 more in the next year.

To me February is the month of resolutions, any resolution in January is set to fail;

  • No drinking - alcoholic Christmas presents sat around tempting you
  • Eat better - there is so much leftover Christmas food, food related presents, naughty food on sale everywhere, it's never going to happen is it!
  • Any resolution that costs any money - It's January, there is no money!
  • More exercise - have you seen the amount of snow that has fallen! (If you haven't due to not being in the North of England, there has been a lot, even if there hasn't, it's cold outside)
So lets not worry about January resolutions that have failed/weren't going to happen in the first place.

My February resolutions are small, achievable and good for me!
  • drink more water - it goes without saying, I think most people could do with more water in their lives
  • Drink more green tea - I've been dabbling with the occasional cup of green tea recently and the Twinings Lemon Green Tea is actually starting to be a flavour I enjoy. Hot drinks are always nice in winter anyway.
  • A resolution that I thought about making in January, but as above I pointed out that there is no point, I'm going to try and do it now, this one might be a bit more difficult. I want to do things I don't normally do, go to museums, art galleries, explore a bit more. Make my life a bit more interesting and therefore my blog.
My third resolution is definitely the more difficult one, I'm extremely lazy at the best of times and I don't like going out in the cold. I suppose it's all about seeing how it goes.

And while I'm writing, this week I went to get my hair cut, no not just a trim or a re-shape this time. A good 7/8 inches off and I actually love it, so much more manageable than what I had before

Thanks for reading this rambly post

Rachel xx