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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Eating Problems!

I'm posting this on a whim, hoping I am not the only one like this but I have to say I'm the first one to jump up if I hear the words "FREE FOOD" I always wonder how I'm not huge! 

Last night was one occasion at a pub quiz, me and my friend didn't actually take part in the quiz but half way through sandwiches were brought out for the people taking part in the quiz. I'm sure this shouldn't have been my first thought but it was the first thing out of my mouth "I would have done the quiz if I knew there was free food!" Anyone would think I've been brought up having to fight for my food. 

We were then told we could have the leftover sandwiches which resulted in this snapchat

Definitely way to excited at the concept of the sandwiches.

Maybe it's the fact I'm a student and live of very basic meals most of the year, that as soon as I hear "food" my ears perk up. Maybe it's that I've grown up with three brothers, eat your food fast or don't eat!

And then the instant wins at McDonalds, which I mentioned in my last post, getting a Mcflurry as well as my meal with the excuse "It's to get more stickers" I'm destined to be enormous. 

Maybe one day I'll gain that politeness that many people have of "Oh no I'll be fine I don't need any food" rather than "I'll eat everything in sight!" (and I blame my see through leggings on the shop, definitely not the size of my arse...)

I like to think there are more of you like me who completely embarrass themselves at the concept of free food, but maybe it's only me

thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. Ahahaha 'and I blame my see through leggings on the shop, definitely not the size of my arse' love it xx

    1. I really need to accept that all this food is making it grow! haha xx

  2. Free food always tastes better, doesn't it?
    Your snapchat photo is the best!

    x Hayley-Eszti |