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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Animal-Packed Weekend

My weekend has been filled with animals - perfect weekend for me! 

Firstly on Saturday after a free McDonalds breakfast (those Monopoly stickers are both the best and worst thing in my life right now), my boyfriend and I went to a local Garden Centre called All-In-One to look at the animals, because that's what a 20 and 21 year old do with their Saturdays...

I just love the way this Hamsters fallen asleep, doesn't look the most comfy but I bet she/he's happy!

This is where I left Andrew whilst I walked around, the indoor carp pond, he does a lot of fishing so apparently likes watching carp swim around. They are pretty cool though, some have such nice scale patterns and you can buy food to feed them.

And today (Sunday) after picking my niece Bella up and doing a bit of food shopping, we nipped up to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, now if you don't know about this place check out the website here. It is a charity for animals needing homes, but you can go up and have a look at them all. I would love to adopt them all but my situation right now means I can't. This is one of the many dogs up at the sanctuary, Ron, one of the few that came and posed for a picture!

 I'm gutted this last one didn't turn out better, this is Mary. She was eating and I called her name for a picture and she looked straight at me! Goat model material (please tell me goat models exist!

Quite a long picture heavy post today, but look at all the animals!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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