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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Small Achievements

Sometimes during this time of year in Education when there are so many deadlines and exams and future choices all piling into you, it's so easy to forget the good things.

I've always tried to make myself to appreciate the little things, those things that might not affect your long term plans but can just make you feel good.

I remember about at the age of 13/14 I made a list of top 5 bands that I decided I HAD to see, I figured I should start to be picky about my the most important bands to me at that time so I didn't end up missing out. So here is a list of those bands and how many times I have actually been to see them

1. You Me At Six -  3 times
2. Cobra Starship - twice
3. Paramore - once
4. All Time Low - twice
5. Mcfly - once (but a second coming up soon with McBusted)

The bands aren't the important part of this post, what is important is I managed to complete a young me's dream, more than once! Not once was I disappointed earlier. 

What I take from this is to give myself achievable goals (although at the time I didn't think they were achievable!) and they will boost your mood. Here's a few pictures, I know the quality is horrific but these were 2008/2009 not top range phones but you can still tell it's a gig! 

I'd love to know some of your small achievements, no matter how daft they sound!

thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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