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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crazy Tuesday

On Tuesday I came back from uni for Easter, as you can imagine that is a a big enough task on it's own, but my day consisted of a meeting at uni first thing, then travelling to Huddersfield so my boyfriend could go to uni for the day - that meant an hours shopping for me.

I bought myself the cheapest lipstick in Boots, I think. It is from Boots own make-up company "Natural Collection" everything is so cheap and quite gentle on your skin. I didn't want to spend a lot on a colour that might not suit me so £1.99 (using my Boots card points) later, here it is. "Pink Mallow"

On our way driving through Huddersfield we saw a Pheasant which is a beautiful bird!

We got back from Huddersfield and got ready very quickly! (15minutes to do hair and make-up from scratch is a nightmare!) and off we went for a meal.

We didn't get back to my house with all my stuff until midnight! Once all the stuff was in the house I just left it until the next morning, which is when I woke up to this!

All quite bad quality photographs, sorry! But let me tell you that wasn't appealing to wake up to. I'm all unpacked now for Easter but I definitely have more clothes than I left with, my drawers are overflowing!

Sorry about the potentially boring waffly post but that was my crazy Tuesday.

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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  1. Hi Rachel
    Better late than never but I've finally got my Liebster up - it has a slight twist :)