January 2015 - Rachel Ellen

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Long Time No See
So it's been a while, sometimes the longer you put something back the harder it is to get back into it. 

So what's happened since my last post? (11/11/14 if you were wondering) Quite a lot really.

Too much money has been spent, between Christmas presents, treating myself, eating my own body weight and travelling between home and Sheffield it adds up to an unfortunate number.

On November the 26th I turned 21, which is kind of a big deal and makes me feel completely middle aged. 

Christmas, of course, happened. Plenty of gorgeous presents and happy smiley times (as always I'm a terrible blogger and have hardly any photos)

A couple of drunken nights with home friends that I barely see!

Some a little more drunk than others....

But I don't half miss all those pretty little faces!

This happened

Which I think is my 2014 highlight, "Can I live?!?!"

I finished my first term of my final year of uni, mortifying! This included my first exam since first year, which I wasn't dealing very well with;

Not sure I could find anything more accurate if I tried

New year happened, which as a boring 21 year old, I worked (love tha money!)

And now it's nearly time to start my second term of final year, which hopefully will include many more blog posts. If anyone has any advice on how to get writing inspiration I'd be so eager to hear

Hope everyone has had a great couple of months and haven't missed me too much

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx