January 2016 - Rachel Ellen

Sunday, 31 January 2016

If I was a Cartoon Character...

In the cartoon world everything is a little bit different(stick with me here), it's a world that would live without fashion bloggers, without any point in clothes shops or shoe shops and without that panic in the morning of what to wear. Of course we've all noticed that Cartoon characters never change their clothes (or very rarely anyway). It makes them very easy for a fancy dress costume.

They tend to have a set of clothes that says something about them as a character.

I sometimes wonder, if I was a cartoon character, what would I be wearing?

We'd all love to say we'd be wearing the nicest of the nice, but really, what do you consistently wear the most?

I have a feeling, anybody who has lived with me, or been to my house (at home or at uni), or even had snapchats off me would easily say my character would be wearing a leopard print dressing gown. Amazingly styled outfit below 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Olivia Burton

 A little bit late (but hey, by this point is anybody expecting me to be on time? - well maybe now that I have a watch...). For chritsmas I finally got my hands on an Olivia Burton watch, I've been obsessing over these since me and my housemates bought another housemate one for her birthday in April. I'm not a watch person but i really loved these! Initially I adorded the ones with the patterened faces, but the rose gold just looked so much prettier once I saw them in person.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

My 2015

1 week into 2016 feels like the right time to look at my highlights of 2015. Hopefully this will be enjoyable for readers, but this will be fun for me to do and to look back on.

2015 was my year of a bob, all the celebs caught up with me after this (Not really, Tay Swift was before me but I beat Kim K!) The easiest hair style in the world, dries in about 2 minutes and easy to style. My silly fast growing hair means that I now have long hair again 1 year later. For now I'll keep it long as I've just got curling devices for Christmas!

 2015 was the year I finally dressed up as Velma, as someone who has worn glasses since 4 years old there isn't many people you can dress up as who wear them. Admittedly I wore my contacts and some fake glasses, my real ones are far too expensive and important for someone to run off with shouting "JINKIES I lost my glasses"

Sunday, 3 January 2016

January Resolutions

Long time no see!

This post is all about new year and new resolutions. (bet you've not seen any of those blog posts about yet... ok so zero for originality but I'm writing a post so leave me to it!) As you may or may not know from previous posts (here) I'm not a fan of New Year resolutions. They are destined to fail, way too much pressure and usually completely unrealistic.

Last year I started my resolutions in February, this year I'm going to attempt to start my resolutions on the first Monday of the new year (yes tomorrow, short notice!).

My resolutions are all about looking after me this year.