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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Uni Work OD!

I had a realisation the other day of how much work I need to do for uni in such a short space of time which put me into major panic mode! Next Tuesday is coming up very fast and I have a deadline! It felt like I had no time at all but then I had an idea to help organise my time. 

I drew this (very messy) week time table:
Which totally relaxed me as I saw how much time outside of uni I had free, not including sleeping time! so to organise what I was doing and when I have written on small pieces of post it notes the things i need to do:
meaning I can cut this out and stick it onto my timetable and should take up the right amount of space for the time needed!

Here's what it looks like as I start to fill it in a little with my post-it-notes:

As you can see still loads of space and time! My favourite thing about doing it this way is as they are post-it-notes you can move them around, if I decide that on Thursday I don't want to go to the library straight away I can just take it off and move it.

So if, like me, you turn into a little stress ball this is a nice and easy way of breaking up your time and showing yourself what you can do

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. I do the same when I get very stressed out, I feel like in uni I have some weeks when I have literally nothing to do and some weeks when i have way too much stuff to do! xx


    1. Yeah that's exactly my feeling everything hits at once after nothing and you feel SO bogged down :( xx

  2. I've just has this realisation as well!! I'm freaking out about uni work X


    1. I am too! Doesn't help that I'm in second year now so it's actually quite important :( good luck with yours!! Xx