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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Finally March!

I can't believe how quickly this year is going! March already! I thought February would be the longest month ever, but here I am four weeks later and I've done a full month without chocolate. Definitely proud of myself with how much temptation has come up within that time.

What did surprise me was that I wasn't that desperate to eat some chocolate today, I bought myself one creme egg as I was in Asda shopping for other food:
This was the moment just before opening it up and eating my first piece of chocolate in 4 weeks, by no chocolate I meant any kind of chocolate, hot chocolates chocolate yogurt, chocolate chips in ice cream or muffins anything chocolate. 

I'm so glad I did this though. People who have known me a while will know I've struggled a lot with my skin, I have always got a lot of spots and have tried every face wash you could imagine. But this no chocolate - and no crisps for two weeks, which I will be carrying on for another two weeks - has had a better affect on my skin than any of those washes.

Another way I have helped my skin is by during my normal day rather than using a heavy foundation (I would usually use Revlon photoready) I have been using tinted moisturiser by Boots natural collection. At first it was horrible to go out in because I could see so many blemishes but the longer I have worn it the better my skin as become. Here's a bad quality make up free picture for you:

So my initial plan was to go two weeks without crisps but my plan now is to go another 2 and make it a month, and hopefully not make up for my month off chocolate within a few days.

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