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Friday, 14 March 2014

Making Egg Fried Rice

Today's blog post will be about one of the easiest tastiest recipes I have found and how I adapt it to my own. Egg fried rice. Now I am HORRIBLE at cooking so for me to get this right is encouraging for anyone cooking!

BBC Food - the link to the original recipe.

You can see that recipe is to serve four, I usually try and make this to serve two, it's quite an easy to alter recipe.

It says on the BBC recipe to cook and cool your rice before frying it, I usually like to cook it during the day and leave it to cool down itself. But it also works to run the rice under cold water after cooking. 

I won't guide you through the whole recipe because there is a much clearer version on the BBC link. 

If you want this to be a more filling meal though it's very easy to put chicken in. Before frying the rice I like to use frozen chicken strips but fresh chicken would also work. Fry them off in the frying pan and make sure they are cooked/defrosted through. I like to add any veg in at this stage to soften it a little, the recipe suggests putting the veg in after the rice but that is up to you. 

I like to add soy sauce while the rice is frying until it is roughly the colour of the rice below.

And then I follow the recipe from here.

After the initial cooking of the rice the frying takes about 5 minutes, super quick, tasty AND quite cheap. I'm not sure if it's actually very good for you but it stops you ordering everything you usually would at a Chinese take away.

I hope some of you try it out and enjoy it!!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. I'm also horrible at cooking, so easy recipes are perfect! Think I'll try it sometime when I'm alone first though. If I ask if my help is needed in the kitchen I'm usually told that my best help is to stay away ;) x

    1. It can be difficult to do the egg in the same pan as the rice so sometimes I do it in a separate pan and mix it after. I always look for the easiest recipes! Pot noodles or something haha! Xx