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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Naughty Rachel - Skint Rachel

Last week I picked up the latest Glamour magazine (the one with Lea Michele on the front) and found a 25% off HnM ladies wear voucher. This magazine is still available and the voucher is valid until the third of April so I advise you all run out and get it! So today I went and took full advantage of this voucher. So here's the things I bought.

I love polka dot everything so this shirt was an easy yes for me, can be worn casually or a bit more dressy which is great, I love having clothing that can be worn in different ways!

 I can't find a link to this one, but it's just a plain t-shirt but with little speckles of colour, I've been after a few plainer comfy t-shirts for a while and this is a really soft material.
This is another shirt very similar to the polka dot one in shape, but a little cheaper! I thought this would be a really nice summer shirt paired with some denim shorts.
Most of HnM's logo T's have French writing on at the moment, I can see why people would like them but for someone who has never studied French I have no idea if it says "sausage rolls" or something equally strange. So I was dead happy to find one that wasn't in French and doesn't say anything too daft on!
My favourite skirts ever, so easy to match with and only £3.99, so I had to get another colour. My only problem was the massive size difference between an extra small and a small. I went for the smaller size in the end, a little tight but looks much better. I would advise anyone to try it on if they want to buy one!
I surprisingly couldn't find the link for this skirt on the HnM website, but it was £12.99 and I just think it's so pretty. I'd been looking at skirts this shape for a while and just didn't find one right for me. It's a little on the short side so for me would have to be paired with tights but still so pretty!

A lot of items but with my 25% of voucher I got £12.49 off the total price! Such a good price. I'm tempted to go buy another Glamour magazine and get another voucher!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. I almost bought the top two tops with my h&m voucher haa xx

    1. I was spoilt for choice but they made the cut haha! xx

  2. that last skirt is gorgeous! Definitely want to get that, would love if you could check out my blog! X

    1. I wish I could have found it on the website to post a link but hopefully you can find it in the shop :) xx