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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Life update...

Today's post will be an unusual one for me, a lot less structured and generally just chatting (to myself with perhaps somebody reading afterwards - hopefully) about what's been going on for me.

First things first, I have started my driving lessons! Yes! About time, only about 3/4 years late. So far I have done 8 hours and it's starting to come together, super exciting so if any secret millionaire would like to buy me a car I'll send you my address! 

A new niece was welcomed into the world about a month ago, baby Annalise. Holding babies scares me so much, I was shaking just taking the below picture in case I dropped my phone on her face (I would not be the favourite aunty then!)

Work, work is work. What more can I say about it, it's nice to be earning my own money I suppose! saved and paid for my own driving lessons so well done me! I'm definitely on the look out for job opportunities and when my laptop is either fixed or I have a new one I will make my search a lot more serious.

As an alternative to a new job, I'm also thinking about further education. Whether that be a masters or just some kind of qualification, I'm really starting to think I'll need it to make my journalism ambition a reality.

I turn 22 next month, oh my god, how did that happen! When I'm not on the verge of crying about how old I am I suppose I'm feeling some benefits to my age... or not.

Working means I need to find a way to make it worth while, I'm currently in the process of looking at a trip away but won't say any more until it is a definite! Frequent trips back to my lovely little Sheffield are  super nice though!

I would have included more pictures in this post but the only ones in my phone are screenshots of various things I've found funny recently, my favourite ever:

Thanks for reading guys,

Rachel xx

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