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Monday, 9 May 2016

Shoes for Podophobes

As mentioned in my Podophobia post, here is my list of summery shoes currently available that cover your toes. I feel like this should be a filter for all websites, it's not only freaks like me that need shoes with your toes covered, sometimes it's a work requirement!

First of all Asos, I find they have such a large selection of everything although I haven't actually ordered many things from there.

Firstly for the lace up trend, (Ghillies are they called? I'm definitely not a fashion blogger), these are great, and a really nice blue colour, the detailing on them is so pretty! Link here

Next are these lovely yellow flats, I don't think I've ever owned yellow shoes before, or had any desire too but I love these! Link here. They also have them in black if yellow is a little too daring.

Next New Look, I'm a big fan of New Look shoes, there's so much choice and they tend to have inexpensive comfy shoes. These tan sandals look great and still give your feet air to breathe. Although I think I tried these ones on and they weren't very comfy on my toes, try these before buying! Link here.

Next are these heels, I love these and the fact they are in the sale is so so tempting! Link here.

 And these black ghillie (tell me if I'm using this word wrong!) heels are to die for, link here

Last time I went into Sainsburys they had a really nice selection of shoes, including these I picked up, they are sold out on the website but might still be available online. It's so hard to find a nice pair of wedges that cover your toes, these are the first pair of wedges I've ever owned! Link here

Now onto Topshop, and of course a little more pricey, but a bit more wow! I love these, but if I'm honest they don't look the most comfy!
Link here 

And another slightly more pricey pair of Topshop flats, link here (ps. I am also seeing the pointy shoe theme)
Alternativly you can just wear normal sandals with socks, cos I feel like that's what Nike Huraches look like anyway!

Whoever spends £90 on these trainers, well and truly fascinate me, and not in a good way!

Hopefully this list gives any other feet haters a little help with shoe shopping!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx  

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