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Saturday, 30 April 2016

How I Plan To Plan

September this year will mark the start of my Masters Degree, I am both so excited and absolutely terrified!

The course will be extremely full on, high contact ours, large work load, a complete contrast to my undergraduate degree (see this post where you can see my timetable for my final term at university, the full 4 hours a week I had to attend for...£9000)

I'm starting to think about how I'm going to manage this work load. The other day I found this little planner in Sainsburys, such a pretty design and great for planning. I know you bloggers out there are obsessive planning people so I thought you'd love this. The non-bloggers out there, just if you need a hand planning!

It's not far off 30 cm (12") wide and as a nice little area on the front to write whatever you might want on!

Inside it has columns for each day of the week (and a shared for Saturday and Sunday) it gives you more than enough space for basic planning.

I really like that it isn't dated, there's no pressures to have things written in every week, maybe just use it when you have a particularly busy week. I also like that it's on a spiral as you can take pages out without damaging it!

On the back of each page there is two columns, a To Do column and a Notes column which gives you plenty of extra space for planning! My only flaw with it is it is a bit big for travelling around with, I definitely think it is a desktop planner.

I did find this in a sale at an absolute steal of £1.40 (I know! I also got a folder with matching pattern for 50p!). But there are others available on Sainsbury's website and I'm sure in store (links to two I found here and here which are super cute and only £5 each)

Hope you liked my little planner, any tips on workload planning? I'm going to need them!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


  1. This is such a cute planner! I use spreadsheets to organise my blog and life! I find that digital always works the best way for me X

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Digitally is a really good idea cos you can access it anywhere, I just forget to look at it! I'm hoping because this is so pretty I'll look at it more!