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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Experiences At The Hairdressers

So my most viewed post for quite a while has been "Reason I Hate the Hairdressers". Maybe this means it's not just me that doesn't enjoy going!

But this post is a few things I have experienced whilst in a hairdressers (I go to different hairdressers near enough every cut - once a year - so these posts don't reflect on any individual hairdresser). As said in my last hairdressers related post, I haven't had anything dramatically bad happen to me, but we can all have a giggle!

1. A hairdresser once said to me "I basically eat to survive, I wouldn't eat if I didn't have to" ????? !!!!! Needless to say I was speechless, I think I'm actually the opposite, maybe more "I stop eating to survive". This of course isn't at all related hairdressing but I was so shocked! 

2. So the last hairdressers I went to, my mum was having her hair cut and the lady was talking to us both and she asked the usual question of:
"so are you going anywhere nice tonight" (because we were having our haircut) 
Me - "no I went out last night so feeling a little tender today"
Hairdresser - "oh... how old are you?"
Me - "22"
Hairdresser - "oh wow I didn't think you were old enough to drink!"
I know I've gone to the hairdressers with my mum but surely I don't look under 18 to anybody that isn't a bouncer! --- ok maybe I do - It hasn't got much better from being 20!

3. Every hairdresser ever "wow haven't you got a lot of hair!" Yes I realise you're bored of drying it, I get bored of drying it all the time, but just be glad, it's so straight you won't have to do any styling with it afterwards! However thanks for noticing my abnormally large head.

4. One hairdresser, after washing and combing my hair said to me "Are you shedding at the moment?" Am I a snake? Am I a dog? I told her I always lose hair a lot to which she said "oh that's ok then" while lifting her hand full of my hair that had come out whilst combing it, lots of hair/big head problems, #oops.
However, anybody with the problem of their hair falling out a lot, I've found mine falls out a lot less when I don't use Tresemme shampoo, and especially the conditioner!

5. When being asked what I want my hair like I said "I want it to be quite low maintenance" she then responds with "oh that's unusual for someone of your age" Yes thank you, I am lazy, you're lucky I brush it now.

Has anybody else had any funny experiences at the hairdressers?

Thanks for reading! 

Rachel xx 


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