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Monday, 11 July 2016

What Diary Should I Buy?

As mentioned in my last post (here) I will need an academic diary for starting my masters course in September. I want one that's quite nice to look at as the more I like it, the more likely I am to use it!

So after scouring a few websites I thought I'd share my favourite diaries I have found.


Where else would you go first for stationary other than paperchase!

Brushed floral casebound A5 mid year 2016/17 diary £8 - here
 I think this one is so pretty on the outside, it has week to view pages on the inside which are really useful! Not loads of space but enough to note down assignments and reading! It's A5 size which is quite nice, although I haven't decided if I want that size or smaller yet. There's also an A6 sized one with this design.

Geo floral magnetic A5 mid year 2016/17 diary £12 - here

I think this one is so pretty, and has an unusal way of opening. However, this might get annoying if you're in a rush. Again it is A5, but this time has two days per page, it gives a little more writing space and I think the pages look so pretty and neat and tidy. It also has a flap in to put any spare papers you need to put somewhere safe which is so helpful!
Kraft maps A6 mid year 2016/17 diary £6 - here

This one is a bit smaller at A6, I think the cover is so cool and the gold detailing just makes it look so nice! This one is week to view but has much smaller writing spaces. I'm not sure how much space I'm going to need so it could be a risk!

The Works

A5 Academic Diary £3 - here

 This one is from the works webise, at only £3 it is so cheap, but admittedly is much less pretty than the others on this list! It has a day per page, which would probably mean the diary is very thick, maybe not easy to transport.

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner $55 - here

Now this one is much more expensive than the others! Check out the website to see why. I'm not willing to spend so much but I can see why people do! I think this is much more suited to people who treat their diary as a journal rather than just putting important things in.

Wh Smith

Now we know WH Smiths have loads of choice, if anything to much choice to get my head around! The filters help you find exactly the type of diary you want

Bizzy Lizzy 2016-17 A5 Floral Stripe Mid Year Diary Day to Page £10.99 - here

This one is really cute and so colourful, if you can't decide on oner print this is a good one! A little pricey compared to the paperchase ones though as most of the WH Smith diaries have very plain looking pages.

2016 - 17 A5 Floral Lace Design Mid Year Diary Week to View £8.99 - here

I love the colours of this one (surprisingly like my blog) I think it's quite a simple design but so pretty. I really like that it has a wire side, makes it much easier to open and write in.

2016 - 17 Slim Retro Butterfly Diary Week to View £6.99 - here

A slimline diary like this one is actually what I normally aim for. Small and light that can easily be carried around as I only put important dates in and my work shifts. I'm still tempted with the small size for my masters but I'm worried about running out of space or wanting to put bits of paper in.

I hope you 've enjoyed my list of diaries, let me know if there's anywhere else I should look to find good ones.What do you normally look for in a diary?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx



  1. I like the feather one and the page a day also allows you to add a daily 'to do list' too. Useful in a working diary.

    1. I think that's why I might need a bit more space on the pages!