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Monday, 1 August 2016

100th Post!

In Feburary 2014 I posted my first ever blog post, and this is my 100th. Admittedly, a lot of bloggers have posted that many posts in a shorter time, but I'm still proud. 

Although I've had a lot of inconsistency and a few lengthy breaks from blogging, I'm so proud of how long I've stuck at it. I even feel like I might have got better at it.

Why I started blogging

I briefly touched on this in this post. In all honesty, when I first made my blog I hardly knew anything about blogging, I'd watch a few vloggers when I was younger (Charlieissocoollike, Amazingphil, Danisnotonfire, JennaMarbles) But I hadn't really come across any blogs, I didn't know how people found them, how you followed them and had no idea of the community I was stepping into.

What I wanted was a chance to write, publically. I've always loved writing, I've been shy about it, I've thrown things away that I've written but I've always loved doing it. My thought of going into journalism was really blossoming and this felt like the only logical next step. 

Starting Blogging

So low and behold I created a blog and started to write. I shared it on both Facebook and Twitter and was surprised to see people actually viewing the pages. I posted 48 times in 2014, 17 times in 2015 and 34 times so far this year.

I somehow came across a couple of other blogs through googling and quickly found out about Bloglovin. This gave me the opportunity to really see other blogs, and have a feed to look at and people other than my family and friends to see my posts.

Learning more 

Blogging turned out to be so much bigger than I had ever realised, last year I decided to make a Twitter page specifically for my blog, giving me the chance to follow other bloggers, for them to follow me and for us to interact a lot. I have taken part in Twitter chats and spoken to many people, I'm learning more about promoting my blog, writing and taking pictures.

My worst part of blogging was finding about the view count. Thinking I was doing quite well looking at my blogger view counts and then reading a post about how inaccurate they are. I signed up for Google Analytics and found much more honest page views, that was hugely disappointing. I'd advise any starting out blogger to look at that first before believing your blogger statistics.


This year I've already hit a few of my blogging goals, I've hit my end of year target for my page views (the fake blogger number), numbers of posts, numbers of tweets and twitter followers. And each time I try and give myself the next mini goal.

Blogging is something I really enjoy, and most of the things I learn make me enjoy it more, just not that fake page views number! 

Do you give yourself blogging goals? When did you find out about the difference between blogger views and Google analytics?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx  


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