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Monday, 8 August 2016

What Makes You an Adult?

As I am 22 years old, I'm well on the way to adulthood, I mean I don't feel or look like an adult but my age tells me I am. There's some things that remind you that you're not a teenager/child anymore some good and some bad. I just wanted to make a list of the things that really stand out to me at the moment!

1. Being left responsible for things/people. When something, or a child needs "keeping an eye on" and you start looking around for that responsible person, and you realise it's you. All trust is on you, anything that goes wrong is down to you, but it shouldn't go wrong because you're an adult. No pressure

2. Talking about houses, cars, marriage, children etc and realising that you could have all of those things if you wanted to and nobody is going to say no to you (if you have the money). That's terrifying, but definitely one of the plus points of being an adult!

3. A silly little thing which has happened to me a lot in the last year, pens running out! I have never had a pen run out on me before in my life, I used to lose them before I even came close to them running out. In this last year I couldn't even count how many pens I've thrown away because they are empty!

(look at these images, I may as well join the minion memes like middle aged people on Facebook)

4. Making your own decisions is a really big deal. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is questionable. I could quit my job tomorrow and nobody could stop me, I could book a plane ticket to America and never return and nobody could stop me doing it, how exciting and scary!

 This is hilarious

5. A bit of a serious one, but finding out about how many people take drugs recreationally, it's something that really doesn't interest me. I thought people didn't do them after the talks we had in school but apparently I was very naive in that aspect! I think just realising that teachers do anything kind of reckless is always crazy! I think we still all have that idea in our head of the teacher living at the school like you thought when you were young!

6. My biggest clue about being an adult is clothing choices. When I moved my bandeau tops from my t-shirt/tops drawer to my underwear drawer I really knew I was growing up. When things are "too short" is another pointer, I had to retire some black hot pants when I was about 20 because they just weren't acceptable anymore, let's keep my bum cheeks covered now!

7. Being able to like what you want is a really big deal for me. When you're at school and college you're so worried about what everyone else will think of your choices. Now, people judge you less and I care less what they think! I love that kids trust your judgement too!

8. Choosing your own bedtime is a really big deal, maybe some people have had control over this for a really long time, I have since I left school. But I end up wanting to go to bed earlier and earlier when I've got the choice!

9. Not understanding the cool new words. As much as I do (kind of) know what Fleek means, I really can't use it seriously in a sentence, it doesn't sound right. I think eventually, our capacity to accept these new words really diminishes. 

 I can't tell you how much I love this picture, especially with the comment "I'm an independent dog who don't need no man!"

10. Being excited about household things, I don't mean like decoration because I think that depends on the person. I mean things like cleaning things. When you see something in a shop and think, I really need that, that will make my bathroom shine! Like, take yourself to the toy aisle and calm down

I hope you enjoyed this post, numbers and memes, it's pretty much a Buzzfeed article. What reminds you that you're an adult? What makes you feel like an adult?

Thanks for reading,

 Rachel xx


  1. This post seriously made me laugh and I even saved some of these photos to send my friends because they are so funny! I worry so much about adulthood as I turn 18 this year!! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It's both funny and terrifying turning into an adult!