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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day

So a happy valentines day to everyone, if you're with someone I hope you have a lovely day, if not its the perfect excuse to eat what you want and do what you want! This year will be my first Valentines day with a boyfriend (yes I am 20 it's taken me a while!) So my first year of not having to be so cynical about all the lovey dovey things in shops, and the romantic tweets and status' and pictures. But I still find myself cringing, just me?

This week has definitely brought a lot of stress of what to buy as a present, girls can be bought flowers, chocolates, jewellery etc. It's quite easy, but for a boy! Where do I even start! Not only the choosing of the present but of course I am on a student budget and I'm completely useless at buying presents altogether!

Unfortunately I can't tell you what I eventually chose as it is still in the post and I don't want to give away any surprises but I hope everyone found something to buy for their boyfriends/girlfriends. And if there's nobody to buy for, I hope you gave yourself an extra treat!

14th of February also brings the half way mark of my no chocolate February, no doubt in my mind that I have definitely chosen the hardest time of year to do this as there is temptation everywhere! Valentines chocolate, mothers day chocolate, Easter chocolate! It's everywhere! I'd like to say these two weeks have made a massive change in me but I think the chocolate alternatives I have chosen have probably been worse for me, so for the last two weeks I am going to take up no crisps as well as no chocolate, this will really challenge me!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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