Cavalier Youth - Rachel Ellen

Friday, 7 February 2014

Cavalier Youth

Today's blog will be about the newest album I have purchased, yes actually bought as a hard copy, not modern iTunes download or illegal download! How old fashioned Cavalier Youth by You Me At Six.

Everyone has that band, that no matter what they'll always love and mine is You Me At Six, so on the day of release I went straight to HMV and bought it! I was a little worried as the first release off the album "Lived a Lie" wasn't my favourite song by them but I am definitely impressed with the album as a whole. You can definitely hear a more grown up feel to the album in comparison to older albums. As for the album cover I love it, the colours in the sky are gorgeous!

My top three songs from this album are:
1. Be Who You Are (so so wish it was longer though!)
2. Carpe Diem
3. Love Me Like You Used To

My only criticism of You Me At Six has always been the length of their albums and songs! I've been wanting a longer album from them forever!

Although I bet they'll all change each day that I listen to it! I know You Me At Six aren't a band to everybody's taste but this album is all I've listened to since I bought it so felt it was appropriate to blog about too!

Thanks for reading
Rachel xx


  1. I've been listening to this all week on YouTube it's good :D x