Don't Slap Pandas - Rachel Ellen

Monday, 24 February 2014

Don't Slap Pandas

I recently ordered from a website called Redbubble, a t-shirt with print on as a present. Ordering from new websites always makes me nervous and I was getting worried when it was nearly two weeks without as much of a sign of the parcel. I should have been more patient as the t-shirt was coming all the way from America! The t-shirt arrived but was totally distracted by the label attached on with a little tiny peg (ok first I was distracted by the peg as it was so cute!)

Yes that does say "DON'T SLAP PANDAS" some important advice from the company that sent this shirt. "constructed in America by happy people in matching socks" I just find the time and effort gone into this label adorable, and as sad as it is just makes me want to order from them again! I love little bits of cute effort.

I'm getting closer and closer to the end of my month without chocolate, I'm so proud of myself. I've not had a single cheat day. My no crisps started a day late, so Saturday's my first day off chocolate ban and Sunday's my first day off my no crisps ban. 

I'll give a full update at the weekend about how I've done as I'm at the last hurdle now and still have time to fail!

thanks for reading and remember don't slap pandas!

Rachel xx


  1. I love RedBubble! They're so great :) x

    1. it's my first time ordering from them but I thought they were so cute! x