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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Im so 2000 and late

Two weekends ago my iPhone 4 completely broke. I'd like to say it was due to me dropping my phone down the stairs or spilling my drink on it, but no, it just froze for about 10 minutes and hasn't turned back on since. Luckily I'm covered by some warranty so my little iPhone is currently on it's way to the phone doctor.

The phone I'm currently using a high-tech little Samsung
In a world of smartphones and being completely dependant on technology I thought it would be interesting to point out what things I like and dislike about not having an iPhone.

One thing I don't miss is mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Twitter all day when I'm bored, to the point that you end up looking at the same things twice. Instead I am socialising more (although it is more annoying when other people are doing those things) and looking around me. The things you see on a train journey, inside and outside of the train can be fascinating, on a long journey you see so many different places drift past you that you've never seen before and your eyes are attached to your phone screen. 

The main thing I miss is the communication, yes I can text and ring which essentially is what a mobile phone is for! But I usually have my personal and uni emails come straight through to my phone, yes most of them are junk mail but the odd one that I can't see for the full day is a problem. The other communication issue is with my uni friends, we use a group Facebook conversation to keep in contact and to organise things, so throughout the day I am missing plans they are making, plus I come home to have to read 50+ messages!

A smartphone for me doesn't seem essential right now, I do prefer texting on my iPhone, and  I can send pictures, or even take them seems exciting for me! But the fact that I can charge my phone and it last me about a week as opposed to twice in one day is a novelty that still hasn't worn off! I don't hate this Samsung as much as I thought I would and one day would give a thought to maybe downgrading to one of these and saving myself lots of cash!

Still I can't wait to get my iPhone back

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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