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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cosmo - Easy Way to Fatten Up!

As I was walking through Sheffield on Sunday we walked past a group of people one of which said "oh and there, that place is an all you can eat Chinese" Me and my boyfriend's ears perked up, of course. All you can eat is a major guilty pleasure of ours! So of course we took ourselves there that evening. 

The place we went to was a place called Cosmo, which is quite newly opened in Sheffield but they have branches in other cities, but it is not just a Chinese all you can eat, it includes Indian, Mexican, Italian, English and more similar set up to Red Hot World Buffet. After waiting for 45 minutes for a table as it was super busy (we didn't mind too much as it is bottomless soft drinks which is very unusual for an all you can eat!) and the decor is clean and very appealing! We finally sat down and tucked into our food. 

There was a lovely selection which we were faced with, the main problem being where to start first. I did find a few of the meat dishes fatty or boney which was disappointing but there was still plenty of choice. At £13.99 for an evening it is not a place to go if you are not willing to eat a lot but you can definitely get your moneys worth. I would choose Red Hot World Buffet over this place, but as there is not one in Sheffield it is a very good alternative! I found the staff very friendly and helpful which only adds to the experience of the place.

I would rate this place a 7/10- due to the quality of the meat
My boyfriend has said 8/10 so a little more generous.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx 

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