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Thursday, 23 June 2016

What's In My Bag?

So I think I might be the last blogger in the whole world to do one of these posts and I've been thinking about it for ages! So today I will do a what's in my bag of my work bag. I've had this particular bag since November, so by now it's accumulated its fair share of odd bits and bobs. This is a totally honest what's in my bag, the only prepping I did was to remove the tissues as nobody wants to see them!

We'll start with the obvious, my purse which is of course always with me, just a pretty little River Island purse.

Next, again a necessity, my keys! Which at the moment only have my house key on, when I'm back at uni I'll have a couple more keys! I always love looking what keyrings people have, mine are:
- a bottle opener (it's rubbish, I can't explain how bad it is and it's sole and only purpose in life)
- a shopping trolly token
- a broken Eiffel Tower keyring, given to me by my uni housemate! Sorry it got broken :(
- a little Scotland keyring because I wanted to be the first to take my boyfriend to Scotland and he went with his friends instead! So he got me this!
- a Jack Daniels keyring given to me by somebody who plays at the golf club I used to work at, what a sweetie!
- and yes, that is a scooby that I made when I was about 9, it makes my keys so easy to find in my bag!

Next is the ridiculous number of lip products I keep in my bag, I don't have any other kind of make up in there! (well apart from that nail varnish, I don't even know why it's in there, it isn't usually!) I love having options for my lips, and if I need to go somewhere after work, a red lip instantly makes you more dressy!

And some essentials for the British weather! I know it's summer, but I get cold hands a lot!

 A few work essentials, I don't really have a place to put stuff like this at work as I don't have a permanent desk, so it just stays with me!

Medications, I feel like a walking first aid kit most days, well when I actually have paracetamol not just an empty packet.

My badge I need to get into the department, the little orange sticker on it means I've done my yearly hand washing training! 
I am one of the rare people that still carries an ipod, I don't have much internet in my phone contract and don't want to take up all the memory with music, so this little guy stays with me!
And a torch, something my mum insisted I have with me for safety, although my phone does the same thing, but it could run out of battery! 

 Last couple of things, anti-perspirant deodorant, I usually have a vaseline one as I think it smells so nice, but I couldn't find one so this will do! A snapped small hair elastic band, a whole one and a grip clip. On the right, there is a sweet wrapper, a couple of wage slips (you'd be surprised how useful they are!) A piece of paper with info for my uni reference that I don't need anymore, I told you I carry rubbish! And a couple of receipts, since the plastic bag charge I've found I have receipts everywhere! Just wait for my What's in my purse to see how many are in there!

 What things do you carry in your bag? What do you see as essential and what rubbish do you lug around with you?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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