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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wearing Shoes to Death

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes to death, like really really worn them until they're completely unwearable? Fashion bloggers might have already had a melt down at the picture above and the pictures to come!

The trainers in the picture above are how they started out (well after a couple of months of having them and looking after them!) They were instantly comfy and bound to be a long term part of my wardrobe!

About three years later and a LOT of wear they're in slightly worse condition...

I really struggle to find shoes that are comfy for me, even trainers are difficult. I feel like the only type of shoes my feet like are boots, even then I've had blisters and cuts from them! These have a cushioned back and are super soft and comfortable! I have never seen another person wearing them and haven't been able to find them on any website to replace them, it's like I have the only pair in existence (seriously if anyone else owns these let me know, I'll be fascinated. If you have them in a UK size 6.5 send them straight to me!)

 Yes the seams are completely coming away yet I still find reason to wear them occasionally! Definitely not in the rain though. For the moment they are my shoes for my driving lessons, they're light and comfy so perfect for driving!

I can't even explain this picture, why one foot appears to be about twice the width of the other, it isn't. But it clearly wants more space.

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing until they are in this state or worse? Let me know in the comments or share a picture of them with me on Twitter @_RachelEllen

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Rachel xx

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